Dear Philip – I have taken the last of my belongings from the beach place and put them in storage.  I managed to get most of my clothes out including my box of boots.  The box of boots wouldn’t fit in the car so I had to empty the box and just stuffed the contents Read More →

Monday, Aug 29, 2016 — You’re at the end of your rope and don’t know what you will do next. You know that big changes are in the air and you’re ready to leap into the unknown. But instead of fretting about the logistics today, you are enjoying the excitement of the moment and the Read More →

I’ve made an important decision today. I’m switching back to liquid laundry detergent. Right?  I mean the pods are handy and cute and all but really is one enough per load?  Or is one too much?  My former roommate threatened us with bodily harm if we used more than one pod per load, he had Read More →

Do you feel a little grown up when you do something by yourself?  Like this evening I went to the St. Pete gallery walk by myself.  I stopped to see a friend who has rented a studio to support her but I ventured out to a couple of other galleries on my own.  There are Read More →

I don’t know about you but I’m about sick of the rain.  I know I know I always say I love rainy days in Florida and I still mean it.  I just don’t like rainy weeks.  I had to print out some papers today and everything is soggy.  All the papers, everything is damp.  BUT Read More →

I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles for the Fish naming ceremony.  I will get to that in a minute. So, first of all, it’s not an FFF (Friday Floating and Fantasizing day) My morning started with the recycling garbage truck blowing its horn for about 15 minutes.  We have garbage pick up twice Read More →

Not that I want to promote more tourism to my beach but I swear to God (which is better than swearing “at” God which not surprisingly I have been doing more of lately, which is okay because He loves me unconditionally) …anyway, I swear to God that my beach, Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, is Read More →

I’ve received such a good response to my fish naming blog that I must now put it to a vote.  I guess I could make up my own mind but it’ fun to play with all these gizmos on this blog.  So here are the names that I’ve received to date:  Felix, Fernando, Franklin, Walter, Wally, Read More →