looking like a house

looking like a house


view from the dining room – Phil catching a well deserved nap

extra room - NOT storage room

yea…well at least there’s only one room left that looks like this

I know it’s taken awhile but I’m finally ready to give my first update.  This past week was so stressful that I barely had time to think let alone find my computer and/or compose an email.  I’ll see if I can figure out how to “blog” and then you can read these if you want.

So first of all – leaving Pittsburgh was delayed by a day because the truck broke down on Friday when Phil was coming to load – so he was only able to load my stuff on Friday – as opposed to both houses so we could leave on Saturday.  So I ended up staying in Sewickley Friday night (as opposed to going to Columbus to see Jimmy) and Jimmy came home to Sewickley.  My brother was visiting in Sewickley and we both stayed at my sisters.  Saturday Jimmy and my brother and I went to breakfast – then onto Memorial Park to play with those babies who all lined up to give me a hug when it was time to go.  Jimmy went off to meet up with friends and I didn’t say goodbye as I was sure I would see him before I left.  Spent the rest of the day driving around with my brother visiting all Sewickley homes, walked around Tortia Flats – Sat in the back yard with my sister in the sun – it was a really nice day. Got the call at 4:00 to head on out.  REALLY late start – didn’t get to see Jimmy – he was golfing – sobbed on the phone when I said goodbye – sobbed saying goodbye to Zachary – cried saying goodbye to Kerry but then I was off.

Somewhere in West Virginia I got stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam – Phil luckily had the heads up and was able to miss the traffic jam – but then I caught up to him because he was broken down on the side of the road – I stopped but he assured me that they were on their way and he would catch up – at some point he had called to tell me that the truck was unusable and he had to stay overnight where he was – but i didn’t get the message due to no signal in the mountains until I was about an hour or more ahead – so I kept driving – tried to stay overnight in Princeton Virginia but they were sold out – all thru the area – had to drive another hour for a vacancy – which was now about 1:00 am.   So now we’re about 4 hours apart.  Penske (truck company) sent another truck at 7:30 am – and then a professional crew (2 guys) who showed up around noon – to unload the original 26 foot truck and reload the new truck – so Phil didn’t get out of wherever he was until around 3:00.  I took my time in the morning leaving but kept going – again hoping to make it to Savannah but he was so far behind and we wanted to catch up with each other – I ended up stopping in Orangeburg, South Carolina around 5:00 and waited for him.  He got in around midnight.  Needless to say everyone was cranky.

We got to Florida on Monday around 8:30 pm  – got to see the house for about 20 minutes before dark.  Did I mention the torrential rain and hail we drove through?  So we got to the house – very very cool house – slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.

The movers to unload showed up on Tuesday around 11:00 – took until about 3 to unload – I showed them my prized possession (my antique buffet with the marble top) and said out of everything in the truck it was the only thing of value – and then they broke the marble top..in four pieces.  I couldn’t talk for hours.

Turns out Phil has soooo much shit that I’m ready to turn him into hoarders anonymous.  I didn’t even see the living room until yesterday.  It’s been very very stressful but I will say at no time have I wanted to move out.  Not even close.

The pool is lovely – it is kidney shape with nice ceramic tile around the top and tiles on the steps and bottom – it does need resurfaced but it’s a pool.  Ya know?  Met Steve the pool guy – he comes Monday.  Number one pool rule is no glass around the pool – which the last tenants must not have observed as I got glass in my foot the first day.  (and still haven’t gotten it out) There are glass shards all over the patio area which we are still finding.

Kitchen is sort of small for the amount of stuff we have together but we are almost getting the items down to a manageable size. Bedrooms are nice size but it’s really a 3 bedroom – not four – the fourth bedroom is like a den or study right off the front door – so not sure what we’ll do about that – maybe a sleeper sofa instead of a bedroom.

Thursday I had my interview with McKinsey – loved the sounds of the job.  It’s an Operations Administrator – there are 4 openings so hopefully they will consider me for one of them.  I assumed they got my name because I interviewed there before but she did not seem to know that – so have no idea how they got my name.  We’ll see what happens but hopefully it will take awhile.  I need a couple weeks still. Who knows..could go either way.

Friday night we went to dinner where Phil’s daughter is the executive chef.  The place is called Ciros in South Tampa and if you are ever here you need to go there.  It is the coolest place ever.  It was a nice time and the food is delicious and she was very happy to see us and very very welcoming of me.

Saturday was spent unpacking (everyday is unpacking) and Saturday night we went to a highschool awards night for his daughter.  Thought QVs were long – imagine when you know NOBODY and sit there 4 hours.  But actually it was okay.  I got right back into the swing of things.  Zenah (the 9th grader) will be moving in on Friday after school is out.  She is looking forward to hanging by the pool all summer – hopefully she’ll remember to wear her flip-flops.

Jorden comes next weekend – Phil flys up Friday and drives Jorden and the dog down.  Poor Phil having to do that trip again.  I’ll be here, floating I’m sure.

Ordered 2 floaters (swimways Liesa) – should be here by Tuesday.  Bought a dollar store blow up one for the meantime. Today was the first day we floated – although by the time we got in it was time for the afternoon thunderstorm – we stayed in anyway – thunder never got close – everyday there is a thunderstorm late day – it is soo cool.

The yard is a tropical secret garden kinda place -complete with snakes and lizards galore – lots of palm trees and vegetation that I have no idea what they are.  We have gardeners that come on Tuesday – they are scarey looking and I also don’t think they actually do anything. But I met them – thru a crack in the door.

Today we discovered some great consignment type stores and bought a new bedroom set.  The one we had doesn’t fit our stuff – it fits “one” of us – not both – so luckily we both loved the same set.  Went to a very disappointing Farmers Market but found a grocery store/market very similar to something in the Strip – or think Select or Frantangelos – so we are very happy to have discovered that.

The house is in a very quiet neighborhood – the neighbor across the street came over with cookies – she’s been here 28 years and said no one has every moved on the street except for the house we’re in – very quiet nice street – but we are also very close to whatever we need – we can ride bikes to Pinellas Trail (I wonder if we ever will) but everything else is a short drive.  Nothing is walking distance – but nothing is more than 3 minutes away.

Friday I got my hair cut – love it – and a pedicure – feeling human and like a native more and more.  There’s even a PNC right on the corner.

And I think that’s the update – I’ve attached a couple pictures.  Got our Pink Flamingo today – he’s made of iron.  Love all the iron stuff.  I can’t wait to junk up the yard, Florida style.

I love it here – I’m feeling very at home.  I made a nice breakfast yesterday and sat at the table and looked at the pool and actually teared up – I couldn’t believe I’m sitting in my house looking at my pool in Florida.  Today we uncovered the living room and sat on the couch together and watched a movie together (after I made a delicious dinner) – so we are finally feeling normal.  Still have no access to the den/study/4th bedroom – but maybe next week – maybe.

I’ll be shorter in the future.  I haven’t forgotten anyone…stay tuned



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