There are ALOT of bugs in Florida.  I knew that I would have to get used to the palmetto bugs (luckily I haven’t seen any since our first night – and they were outside) – Phil calls all bugs crickets.  The lizards are actually little and I don’t mind them. Although one night driving to the store I had one on my windshield wiper hanging on for dear life.  That was a little unnerving. Thankfully he was on the outside of the car.  Last night in 4 lane rush hour traffic this spider thing ran up from under the dashboard INSIDE the car – on the passenger side headed towards me – I screamed this blood curdling scream and looked for something to hit it with – like a baseball bat (it was really big) – and I think I scared it.  It ran back under the dashboard.  Thank god that traffic was moving slow or I would have wrecked for sure taking everyone near me out as well.  Last night Phil fixed my broken drivers side window and we opened the hood to see if we could see anything.  Came in the house and completely forgot to go back out there until the morning.  The hood was open all night.  So either all the critters have found their way out – or I will have a plethora of new ones.  Needless to say I haven’t gotten in my car today.  Last night we started with these ghost ants.  All anybody says when I ask them about it is “welcome to Florida”.  I’m thinking they should say something more helpful.

I have a new land line.  Phone is 727-384-8101.  The phone constantly rings.  As soon as it was turned on I got a call from the police looking for a donation. I just hung up on them.  Phil is afraid we’ll be targeted now. (jk)  Jimbo calls me on it everyday – otherwise it’s alllll sales calls.  I added it to the do not call list but I hear that takes 30 days.  What a pain.  But feel free to call me!

We got the new furniture delivered today.  Looks so Florida-ish. (see pictures)  But they didn’t polyurethane it so I’m afraid to put anything on it or in it cause it will scratch.  So we are going to add a coat of polyurethane to the tops only.  Now the bedroom is all junked up again cause there are double dressers and I can’t move the extra dresser into the extra room because the extra room is full of boxes.  Did I mention he was a hoarder?  Actually the home is really starting to look like a home.  I am very impatient (it has been pointed out to me) and it really is coming along.  But today I am just spinning my wheels.  Everything needs cleaned, the floors all need done (I bought a new Shark yesterday – woo hoo! – but don’t feel like putting together) the kitchen now has ants that I’m trying to get rid of, the bedroom is a mess and there’s no room for towels in the bathroom.  So I am actually going to go float in the pool. 

This is the first day I don’t have to pick up Phil from work.  I’ve been taking him and picking him up everyday but he decided to rent a car for the rest of this week.  He has sort of thrown off my routine of dropping him, shopping, coming home and putzing and making dinner and going back to get him. Today I stayed in bed way too long, made no progress and told him we’re going out to dinner.  Maybe he’ll take the car back if this is going to be how it is. Although we are saving money by me not stopping to shop everday.  I’ve been making some good dinners – it’s been fun for me first to have someone to cook for and 2nd to have the time to do it.  I’ve been having fun being the housewife, spending money (although admittedly alot of the money is my LAST paycheck…I’m in trouble very very soon) and making food for my man. Today I’m just stuck and can’t seem to move forward (still not in the pool am I?)  Tomorrow I believe a daughter is coming to dinner so I shall hopefully get re-motivated,

Friday he goes back to Pittsburgh to pick up Jorden and the dog and his car and will do that drive again.  I feel bad for him, but I’ll be feeling bad at the beach! 🙂 

pictures are the new bedroom furniture – a clean hall that goes from our bedroom in the back of the house and kitchen to the front door.  Will probably never look that clear again – and check out our stained glass parrot in the front door.  Love him.  Also, these forks.  Anybody know what they are for?  Keep them or pitch (donate?)

More later, gotta hit the pool before the afternoon thunderstorm. 



3 Thoughts on “Welcome to Florida

  1. Jordan Nofziger on June 3, 2014 at 6:03 pm said:

    The fork is a pastry fork. It’s designed so that you can use the fork while you hold the plate.

  2. Cathy on June 23, 2014 at 11:11 am said:

    At least the love bugs are gone…not sure if you remember them. ( I’m talking early ’70s)

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