I’m up – dressed and ready for action! Today’s jobs are polyurethane the top of the new furniture – just the tops should be enough, right? Just so all our stuff doesn’t scratch the paint? Then we have a dinner guest coming. Although it’s a child (not a young child but you know an offspring child), and they tend to cancel for various reasons. Just ask my Jimbo. Zachary is better at making the commitment. Wonder when I’ll get THEM to Florida?

Today is Question and Answer day – then I have to get to work:

How many children does Phil have and are they all there with/by you?

Phil has 4 childs. 3 girls; ages 23, 21 and 15. And one boy age 13. Jorden (the boy) has been living with him in Beaver this past year. Jorden finished out the school year in Beaver and will be moving down and in this weekend. Zenah is 15 and she’s been going to school down here living with her Godmother. She will be moving in this weekend. Her last day of school is today. The older two Alyna (23) and Tashah (21) have their own places but threaten to move in every once in a while. Everyone is welcome of course but we’re really not set up for everyone to live here permanently unless there’s some doubling up. But as parents we are always open to house whoever needs housed. I think I’m a little more open than their Papa, so we shall see. I’m hoping these girls with their own places take ¾ of the leftover stuff that we can’t fit – Heck I want them to take ALL the stuff we can’t fit.

Will they pay for the damages to my marble top? 

The thing about that is Penske only provided the help to unload as a courtesy for all the truck trouble. We (Phil) put on the paperwork the breakage and then followed up with a letter. We haven’t heard anything yet. Not one word. He said they sent him a satisfaction survey yesterday. HA! Not sure how we’re covered in this case. But I hope we are.

What type of company is McKinsey? 

From Wikipedia: McKinsey & Company, Inc. is a global management consulting firm headquartered in the U.S. The firm serves as an adviser to businesses, governments, and institutions. It was founded in 1926 in Chicago by James McKinsey as James O. McKinsey & Company. It is now headquartered in New York City.

Many chief executive officers of large companies have worked at the firm. McKinsey had over 100 offices exist in 60 countries as of September 2013. There are 17,000 employees – 9,000 of them are consultants.

They have quite a few divisions – like Healthcare, Corporate and Finance, Oil and Gas and many more. The job I want with them (and interviewed for) is in the Organizational Health division. From the website: The Organizational Health Index (OHI) measures and tracks the elements of organizational effectiveness directly related to financial and operational performance and offers actionable insights into areas of improvement. Now I ask you, is this “my” job or what? I am still hopeful but I haven’t heard anything so starting to think it’s a moot point. Hopefully they are just slow (which is helpful to me right now) and everyone is on vacation. I think a start date of June 15th would be about perfect. If not I’ll start looking again. I’m already thinking about looking. Which is a good first step. One step at a time.

Why is the pink flamingo there?

Why is the pink flamingo where? In the yard at all? Because it’s FLORIDA!! And pink flamingos are a must…probably not for the true Floridians but for us (really both of us) we had to have one. I did go with the more “artsy” flamingo in the iron form. Or is the question why is the pink flamingo in the front yard? Well Phil picked the place and actually it’s quite perfect as you can see it perfectly when you pull into the driveway. Although I’m not real pleased with the view from the porch. I think he needs to be turned so I have a better view from the porch. And yes he’s a he (because he’s made of iron – plastic flamingos are she’s. Everybody knows that.)  I haven’t named him yet though.  Nothing has come to me.  Freddy the Flamingo?

Is there a family/TV room too?

The house has a living room dining area combo – not separate rooms but they are separated by carpet and tile floor – and a kitchen (not a particularly big kitchen – certainly not a good design) – there are 2 bedrooms upstairs – nice size and a bathroom – downstairs off the kitchen toward the back of the house we have made the master bedroom – it is not a typical master bedroom and does not have a big closet or bathroom. But it’s a nice size room with a built in desk and a small closet, and sliding glass door that goes out to the pool. There is a big bathroom with a big closet off the kitchen (right next to the now master bedroom) that actually connects to this fourth room that is in front of the house. So when you walk in the front door the living room is on your left. Steps to upstairs are directly in front of you, there is a long hallway that goes back to the kitchen, pool and our bedroom but directly to the right of the front door is this 4th room. It is the guest room, the music room, the library and the extra TV room. It also has a fireplace. But it has no closet of it’s own. It’s not a bedroom so why they advertised this house as 4 bedrooms…well it’s just false advertising. But he(Phil) fell for it (and the house) and here we are. I have plans for that room so that we can use it as all of the above, guest room, library room (he has tons of books…have I mentioned the hoarder thing?) and extra TV room. The room also has a door so it will be private for guest room reasons. Not sure if we can fit a piano in there though because of the books…. and books…and books. I might start selling them on Amazon. Probably be able to buy a baby grand with the sale of the books.

And that’s it for the question and answer period. It is time to get polyurethaning. Signing off while looking at the pool,


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