It’s the third day of my blog – Thirdsday Thursday we’ll call it.  Here’s today’s update:

The car – In my state of not sleeping last night I decided to bug bomb the car.  I just happen to have an extra can of bug bomb in my trunk…believe it or not.  So see?  It pays to hang onto things.  I felt like I was being held hostage by that stupid spider (the size of a cat) and now feel much more in control.  The car has to sit unopened for 4 hours and then air it out for 30 minutes so I am home bound again.  I’m not complaining. (see raft waiting for me)

I slept in very very late (due to the no sleeping last night – probably from too much late night ice tea).  I finished polyurethaning the 2nd coat on the tops of the furniture and decided to do one coat on the rest of the sides and drawers.  I gotta get moving on that bedroom.  Zenah’s room is my old room from the city – so she has my dressers and my bed.  However, my dressers are still filled with my stuff.  So I need to get all of that out of there before she comes home – and I need to put it in the new dressers.  That won’t be dry until probably Saturday with this humidity.  The first coat was supposed to dry in 3-4 hours.  It was this morning when it was dry enough to sand – about 24 hours.  So it might be next week before that second coat drys.  Speaking of dressers upstairs…

I have not once gone into those drawers upstairs – although I am going to get my Kindle later today and see if I can get caught up on any of my Words with Friends or Scrabble etc. games.  So really do I need all this stuff?  I have worn the same 5 sun dresses – tshirt type things since I’ve been here – do I really need anything in those drawers?  Maybe it’s time to pitch.  I have set up a huge bin to just start putting stuff in.  Phil has been trying on clothes and anything that doesn’t fit goes right in the give-away pile.  He doesn’t save anything that he might fit into later.  Hmmmm, I think I must adopt that method.  If it’s tight I’m pitching it.  If I ever lose weight I’ll just buy new.  I bet that will take care of more than 1/2 my wardrobe, MORE than half.

Speaking of hoarding – I think I may have misjudged my man’s “stuff”. After having dinner with his daughter last night I believe he’s just a papa who loves his kids and is saving their stuff because as Alyna said as she was walking out “don’t get rid of my stuff or I’ll hate you forever” – sort of in the same tone as “I love you, see you tomorrow” – He made her take two pans.  HA!  I think girls must be much worse than boys.  My boys don’t really care about stuff, although I bet John’s storage unit is filled with Jimmy’s trophies.  I know when I was moving I sent them all up there.  What would I have done if I didn’t have that option?  And I remember hearing Maryann talk of having a storage space for Lisa’s stuff.  So I’m just too quick to judge.  I have the best boyfriend (friance) ever.  I don’t know why he puts up with my rants and outbursts, but I’m glad he does.  P.S. Friance is a term we’ve coined that is a blend of girlfriend/boyfriend and fiance.  More than a girlfriend but not quite the fiance (i.e. no ring…although admittedly I’d rather have this car than a ring – 2nd one down on page – still available.)

Dinner/visit with Alyna last night was lovely.  I put out enough munchies for 20 of course.  I made Kale chips and she had never had them before.  She’s the executive chef!  She loved them and is going to add them to one of her dishes.  So look at that, I feel famous.  We ended up going into Palm Harbor – which are just a couple streets with restaurants, not really a town so to speak.  We sat outdoors and I had conch fritters, a throwback to Miami/Coconut Grove days and Monty Trainers, then went across the street to the Gelato place – lots of Italian goodies in there.  Phil is telling everyone we’re new so maybe we will make some friends (or they will all keep their distance).  I think I might have to hang at the bars though..really getting the Coconut Grove vibe.  There’s also a Parrot Head festival in the “town” this weekend so I’ll be checking that out.  I actually think they call it the Historic District.  Not sure, I will investigate the proper term and get back to you.  Zenah just confirmed that she’s coming this weekend so I’ll have someone to hang out with, we will be parrot heads together.  I’ll be re-motivated to get my stuff out of her bedroom now. Maybe I’ll throw a couple more fans on the polyurethaned furniture.  I hate to do this (show a before picture) but I’m hoping the after picture of our bedroom is worth sharing the “before” picture.  I know I’m taking a chance but what is life anyway if not risky…

I think that’s it for today.  There’s a certain new floatie waiting for me.  I got two – gave one to Phil as his anniversary present.  We think yesterday was our 1 year. (he didn’t remember of course..well he remembered but didn’t remember a card)  It’s around this time anyway when we first started chatting.  (we won’t count the short stupid time apart…stupid Phil).  I made him promise to float with me a little tonight after work before we go upstairs to finish putting the kids rooms together.  I think our lives are going to change drastically after this weekend.  At least mine is.  I don’t foresee a “bad” change but it’s going to be different.  Isn’t it something how life turns out? I sure didn’t see this coming.  I mean I thought a move to Florida was always coming but with Phil and 4 extra kids? didn’t see that one.  But again, how interesting and how fun. This blog is going to get interesting.  Perhaps tomorrow will be reflection Friday.  Enough of this for today.ImageImageImage 

4 Thoughts on “Thirdsday Thursday

  1. Peggy on June 5, 2014 at 7:56 pm said:

    I can read ur blog all day! So entertaining!! Love it. That is ur calling….writing (and floating)!!!

  2. Ja Nel on June 5, 2014 at 8:16 pm said:

    Love, love, love the blogs!!! Keep them coming! Do you think the young girl knows what a “parrot head” is? I am assuming you mean Jimmy Buffet. J.

  3. Jean on June 6, 2014 at 12:10 am said:

    You sound like a pig in shit….NEVER heard you so happy! I love the joy of enjoying the simple things in life! Plus, your hair is stinking cute! Always knew you would find your way home to Florida! But a part of my heart is heavy knowing you are so far away…going out to close the pool and realize we will not float this summer!

  4. Zach on June 6, 2014 at 5:42 am said:

    I definitely think you should get that new car. It looks great. Totally you! In a show of support I’ll even take your old car off your hands, free of charge!

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