Writing these posts is alot like going to the therapist.  I think I know what I’m going to say and then when I sit down to type something completely different comes out.  Like I thought today would be an insightful reflection kind of piece but no, I want to talk about cleaning.  That’s right, cleaning.  I have this love/hate thing going on with it.  I love things to be clean, and I don’t mind the cleaning, up to a point.  I don’t know if all this scrubbing, up and down, moving etc., is going to keep me (or get me) young or if it’s going to cripple me.  Every day at the end of the day my feet hurt so bad I am hobbling.  Something is wrong with my feet.  Anybody remember when I slipped walking across the Smithfield Street bridge in the rain, in my flip flops?  It was around 4th of July last year, anyway they haven’t been the same since.  So I digress, somehow talking about feet.  But that’s how I clean also.  Take today for instance.  I was in the bedroom moving clothes from one drawer to another, left to take something to the kitchen and while there did the dishes (in the middle of the clothes project), took something upstairs and remembered the clothes project, but cleaned the fan blades first, back downstairs and decided to sort Phil’s ties – millions of ties – then luckily Evan Skyped me so I was bound to the bedroom to stay on task.  It’s amazing how much I actually get done working like that, getting sidetracked but eventually it all seems to get done.  However, HOWEVER, I don’t want to be good at it.  I like a clean house as much as the next person (except for the last tenants here who apparently aren’t familiar with the term “clean”) but I don’t want this to be my job and it seems endless, especially in this house.  If only it was painted I wouldn’t see all the smudges on the wall.  This place will be beautiful when it’s painted, but that I’m afraid is even more work.  I need a job. 

I emailed McKinsey just to see if I get a response of any kind.  My bff there, who is now in the Netherlands, said they take a long time to make a decision.  I am completely happy with that (depending on what long means) but I’m oddly looking forward to getting back out there to work, if just to get away from cleaning.  It also might have to do with the call I got from CVS today wanting to know about my benefits and my address.  To which of course I replied “none” and I’ve moved.  Luckily I thought ahead and stocked up on my cholesterol medicine.  How did I manage to stock up you say?  By forgetting to take it of course.  Also there is the no paycheck conundrum.  That’s a biggie.  I’ve decided I LIKE spending money.  I don’t spend it on stupid stuff (so says everyone) but you know, I’m used to having a paycheck.  No matter how small it’s been.

Phil and I cleaned the kids rooms last night – he is a GREAT worker-bee; although we didn’t get started until about 8:30.  Jumped in the pool to cool off a 1 am.  But there was a lot of sweating going on with the cleaning on my part.  He was putting furniture together, and you know how bad that can get.  Attached pictures are of their rooms and view from the top of the steps and the weird shower curtain rod in the bathroom.  We are a bit perplexed as to what to do about a shower curtain in there.  I think we need three of them, plus it’s high and the standard Dollar store shower curtain is too short.  Pictures don’t really do the rooms justice.  They are BIG rooms.

In answer to some of the comments.  As much as I’d like my job to be blogging and floating, well what does it pay?  And would it get me away from cleaning? Hmmmm, I guess I could pay someone to clean while I floated. Uh oh, I’m back in my head..Since I’m now living the rest of the stuff that was in my head for so long (I got the boyfriend, I’m in Florida, I quit PPU) is it time to have a new “living in my head” goal? It’s weird not having anything that I need to get or move or hate. I’m just happy. Go figure.

I used to purge just to Diane, but she would purge back.  So feel free to purge back (to my email) cause I don’t know what’s going on with anyone. (Did Judy leave?  Did Peggy have a good trip? Anybody else leaving PPU? COC Scoopage? Is Abbey jumping out windows?? and what about Naomi?)

Also Jean, don’t count me out yet.  I could surprise you with a visit…or you could surprise me! (but not yet, there is no guest room…yet)  But you’re right I am a pretty happy pig-in-shit.

Zachary – no…I mean “yes” that car is ME, but no you can’t have the car.  Well, not yet.  We’ll see.

Speaking of cars, I must get in mine and go pick up Zenah.  It is time to face the music and the spider.  I have my bug spray in there and I’ll have to take some sort of swatter.  If my demise is going to be from a spider in the car than so be it.  I gotta get back on that horse. 

No blogging over the weekend.  I plan to be busy.  I intend to find the beach this weekend.  It’s my #1 goal.  I’m also going to take a break from cleaning.  Can I do it?  YES, YES I can!!


PS – Florida is HOT.  Just incase you were wondering.


2 Thoughts on “Finally Friday

  1. Ja Nel on June 6, 2014 at 6:16 pm said:

    Weird shower curtain rod…. hmmmmm…I need to think on this awhile….

  2. Barb Buchwach on June 6, 2014 at 8:52 pm said:

    You are a good writer, Lynn! Your blogs are rather long, (haha), but I actually enjoy reading them! xo

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