Big sticker day today!  I am now an official Florida resident with my new Florida drivers license.  The picture isn’t even that bad although my necklace was crooked.  Good news/bad news is that here the license is good for 8 years/bad news it’s 8 years of that crooked necklace. I asked about the process for registering my car and the lovely civil service agent walked me through the process and highlighted the fee of $412. FOUR HUNDRED AND TWELVE DOLLARS!!  To which he commented “you pay for sunshine”.  No shit.  I fear my car will NEVER be a Florida resident.  Have I mentioned the no job/no income thing?

This weekend was full of sticker days.  I picked up Zenah Friday – actually takes almost two hours to get there. One way.  The thing about Florida are the red lights. There are many and they stay red a long time.  Then there are accidents always.  I’m thinking they are all “bug” related.  I am sure everyone is distracted by spiders, lizards, snakes in their cars.  But there are also ALOT of cars on very big highways.  Anyhoo, we had a lovely weekend.  Pictures of our weekend are at the end.  To recap; we found the beach -with a  bonus of a little beachy cafe, on the water, at sunset.  So we had our fish tacos and then walked on the beach at sunset. Went grocery shopping.  I mention this mainly to point out that overall groceries are cheaper here.  Much cheaper than Giant Eagle.  And everyone was so friendly.  We figured they must train them like the Ritz Carlton to greet everyone.  Then home and sat with our feet in the pool for a couple hours chatting.  It was really nice.  Saturday we went to the Parrot Head festival – which was really just a bunch of vendors selling stuff (found a new Mary Kay rep).  Then we had lunch in our little village, came home and I taught her the art of floating (in the pool).  I warned her that I was a professional and not everyone is as astute as me in floating but she actually caught on quickly; although didn’t want to get wet.  Go figure.  Then we went and saw Fault in our Stars.  Found a nice theater very close.  About 20 people total in the movie.  We had plans for Sunday but they were thwarted because….

Phil, Jorden and Sam(the dog) are home!!  Phil drove straight through and got here about Sunday at 2:00.  He was almost incoherent, but still cute.  He actually was up Saturday at 6 am but had to cut the grass at the Beaver house (which he is still renting until September) – 4 hours later started off then was stuck in a traffic jam somewhere near Beaver for 2 hours.  No air conditioning helped make the decision to drive thru the night. 

So Lynn Phase 2 (or maybe 3) started officially yesterday I guess.  I now have a man, a girl, a boy and a dog.  Of all the additions the dog is the hardest for me.  And I love dogs, but this dog is very unpredictable, and very big  and makes me very nervous so there is a big adjustment there. I don’t worry about him with people but if there’s a cat, a dog, anything not human moving I fear he’s off and there’s no stopping him.  Not to mention I have those Cathy Susko white tile floors everywhere, that will no longer be without black hair.  Sam almost immediately jumped in the pool.  So there’s dog hair in the pool.  I have to get used to that again. Steve (the pool guy) has to get used to that too; although he seems less concerned than I am.  And then there’s the eating thing.  I can’t remember if I taught my kids not to eat all over the house but I’m more worried about it here because of the cat size crickets (palmetto bugs) so I am a bit on edge with all of that.  Speaking of food I also have to think about meals again. I made Salmon again last night – it was freakin delicious.  In the dutch oven, with a nice honey glaze, asparagus, mushrooms, I threw in a peach – delicious.  I’m thinking some sort of pasta for tonight.  Maybe a casserole.  Anybody? Anybody? I’m taking suggestions.

And lastly, I’m concerned again with working and leaving these kids all day alone.  Just doesn’t seem right.  Also rather odd that I am back to worrying about that, I thought I was done with that particular worry.  It made me sick to leave my own kids and now I have to relive that. But I need a job, and I needed one then, so guess it’s a little full circle.  Maybe I’ll try for part time (mornings while they’re still sleeping) or work at home.  So lots more to think about now, and again.

But I will think about that tomorrow – today we’re off to the beach. 

Weekend pictures below.




2 Thoughts on “Paying for sunshine

  1. Laura M on June 9, 2014 at 7:51 pm said:

    Love reading this. Miss you.

  2. Cathy on June 23, 2014 at 10:55 am said:

    White tile floors with black dog hair = daily vacuuming with powerful machinery. Trust me.

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