Update on bday… Lots of calls, texts, emails. Alyna came over with card and flowers (see below) – also below flowers from the yard.  Beautiful!  A nice dinner of Mahi Mahi encrusted in coconut with jalapeno aioli and pineapple salsa, Jamaican greens and coconut rice.  YUM.  Received a certificate for a massage treatment over at Safety Harbor resort and a bicycle of my choice.  Not to mention a delicious cake,  chocolate ganache…gives Prantl’s a run for it’s money.

Speaking of Alyna Baker, she is now a superstar.  She was interviewed for the South Tampa magazine (pic below) and this piece online.  I feel honored to be in the presence of a celebrity.  She talked about going on one of those cooking shows, Chopped. Until then I just want her to cook for us!

Today Phil says “do you want to do something for me today?” maybe it wasn’t “for him” but like a chore.  In my pretend head I’m thinking he’s going to say something like the following:

  • Why don’t you go online and order some stuff for the house – don’t go over $500
  • Why don’t you go online and order some new clothes for yourself – don’t go over $500
  • Why don’t you go to the corner and look at the Ferrari’s and see which one you like (we really do have a Ferrari show room at the corner)
  • Why don’t you take Jorden to lunch and go to the stores – don’t go over $500

See?  I’m being practical right?  Limiting my thoughts to $500 (Ferrari store a stretch).  Isn’t that what stay at home people get to do?  But no, he says, will you measure the walls and get the square footage so we can estimate how much paint we need.  WHAT?  WHAT?  High math?  How is this fun? I said what you do is look at the walls and guess.  Measuring, calculating, adding? What is THAT? He may or may not have made some crack about me lazing around all day.  Yeah right.  I mean I work my ass off around here.  Like today, I got up. Stayed in bed and sent Gina a long email, tried to get my massage appointment, looked around the room, made the bed, made some tea, talked to Jimmy.  I think I moved a box.  See?  Busy.  I’m going to have Jorden measure the walls.  He needs the math practice.  We’ll just right down a lot of numbers on a piece of paper and say we did it.  I’m going to walk around and guesstimate.  Bet I’m right too.

He’ll never know the difference.







PS – I blew all the candles out – I think I’ll get my wish.

4 Thoughts on “Eating Bon Bons

  1. scott monahan on June 12, 2014 at 5:23 pm said:

    I want cake! me need cake! now stop being so lazy and measure the rooms…and remember it always takes 2 coats (except the ceiling, forget about that in a rental)

  2. Julian, Kristene on June 12, 2014 at 5:38 pm said:

    Hey, I’m moving in with you just so I can get a chocolate cake like that……yum.

    Have fun eating Bon Bons this week-end!!


  3. Cathy on June 23, 2014 at 10:45 am said:

    I like yr kitchen. ( yea, I finally found finallyflorida)

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