The only thing better than a sunny day in Florida is a rainy day in Florida. There’s not many full days of rain here (from what I remember and understand) But today it’s dark, is pouring and there’s thunder rumbling. I LOVE it. A perfect day to catch up on inside stuff. Emails, phone calls, dusting, laundry, maybe even looking for a job. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with constant sunshine. Being from Pittsburgh I feel like if it’s nice weather I have to take advantage of it and do something outside. I’ve been pushing myself to be productive in the mornings so I can get outside in the afternoon. Today however I’m looking forward to taking it slow and having an excuse to stay inside. Of course if the house blows over or a tree falls on my car I don’t know if I’ll be so happy anymore. It is REALLY coming down out there. (pictures below) I guess it is hurricane season. The dog’s not real happy about the thunder (but not as bad as Liesa’s dog)

Also attached are pictures from yesterday. Jorden and I spent our Ferris Bueller day off, we did not measure walls, although we tried. Once he started talking about subtracting doorways taking off for this and that I just wrote down 2 gallons here, 2 gallons there, buy more if needed. Done. So off to do exploring we went.

We drove to Dunedin Marina and looked at boats. Took a picture in front of our favorite. We also saw a seahorse which was the coolest thing ever. Just a little lone seahorse traveling along the wall. I tried to get a picture but was unsuccessful. We sat on the pier for awhile. Both of us content just to sit by the water. There was a lone fisherman but he didn’t catch anything. The water was really choppy and we noticed all the sailboats in the water had their sails down (see how observant we are to our new marine living?) Hung out there for awhile, came back over this way and tried a yogurt store. There was a little man in there was a French accent that we were sure he was faking. Seemed like someone right out of a sitcom. Anyway, downed our yogurt and went to our local pier where we saw all these crabs (pictures and video attached this time..notice the shout out to my bunko-ettes, a dice in the sand) They are really cool and gross at the same time. Typically they have these holes in the sand and when you walk towards them they all go back into their holes, but these were just swarming under the pier. Sort of like a horror movie. Jorden liked chasing them. I stayed above ground. Also there were a bunch of kids jumping off the pier so that looked like fun and maybe something Jorden will partake in in the future. The younger mom of me probably would have said it was too dangerous. Yesterday I just thought it looked like fun.

Weekend is upon us and who knows what we will do. Phil assures me we will have fun. I am planning my birthday massage on Father’s day so he can bond with his brood. Decent of me don’t you think? Maybe we’ll go look at bikes too. Stay tuned. I will report back in next week.

I shall leave you with this summer-time random words of wisdom that I received from my friend today (Emily)
Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.



2 Thoughts on “Rain rain, come again another day too!

  1. Suzanne on June 13, 2014 at 4:09 pm said:

    Is that a bunco die in the sand and is that your jade tree – can’t believe it is still alive

    • That IS my jade tree (from 1976) but it’s not looking so good these days. It should love this weather. I’m hoping it’s just adjusting. And yes, dice in the sand.. I did not put it there it was there – a sign I’m sure to come home for pool bunco

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