Apparently even when you make a decent income payday is still something to be celebrated. Friday was payday and celebrating was had by all. Nothing super crazy, just Costco, but we all know “just Costco” can get out of hand too (right Di?). Although this particular day I want to address food. I am thinking about my kids and if they could see the amount of food in this house I’m not sure how they would respond. We never had food in our house. I don’t mean like starving people-no food, but only the staples. Peanut butter, jelly, white bread, milk (although Zachary would disagree about the milk). Rarely juice, never pop/soda, and the only junk food was if I baked. Thus cookies, and cookies and more cookies, and the occasional brownies. Obviously cookie ingredients were staples. I remember trying a couple different food items, once in a while chipped ham, I think we tried turkey once, potato chips were sometimes a staple because they go so well with peanut butter and jelly. We’d have grapes I remember. Well, the point is this house has sooo much food. When Jorden or Zenah ask “can I have this” I’m like sure, throw it in. I never say no. Mostly because I don’t have to (except for the pop, that still gets a “it’ll stunt your growth” no). And not only do we have snack food, we have Costco snack food, which means A LOT of everything. We have an assortment of Sunchips, Peanut butter stuffed pretzels, dried apricots (ok those are for “me”), chocolate coconut bark (these might be a “me” too) crunch rice rollers, a case of V8 fusion drinks, a case of Capri Suns, 4 other kinds of bottled juice (Bakers are big juice drinkers) a cheese drawer overflowing. Is this how real people live? Maybe I helped my boys in the long run by not giving them too many choices, maybe by not giving them too much processed foods? Someone, help me out here. The guilt is a little overwhelming, although I didn’t have the choice. I feel a little guilty living a life without them with all these choices.  I didn’t feel the real impact of it until I thought about (and had to put away) all the food.

Hope everyone had a nice father’s day yesterday. Attached is Phil actually enjoying his day and the pool. His kids came and made him a big breakfast – I went and had my massage – and then we had a delicious steak dinner on our new grill (payday, remember?) After dinner we all watched a movie and even with all this food in the house and all these choices to be made what did everyone wait for last night? My chocolate chip cookies. Things aren’t that different after all.



One Thought on “There’s nothing to eat around here

  1. Ja Nel on June 16, 2014 at 5:00 pm said:

    Don’t feel too guilty. I don’t like to do the processed food but it is what it is. Ja Nelly

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