My typical day is made up of something productive in the morning, then my update, then play time (or errands). However, today it was juggling beach day and the Brazil US World Cup game at 3:00. Juggling children’s interests is a blog for another day, one that will be filled with heavy sighs and possibly crying…but not today.

Today, after figuring out how to register Jorden for school for next year, we left for the beach. Beach life is rather similar to pool life. In the days when we used to go to the pool, I’d drag the pool bag, lunch, stuff to keep the kids busy. Going to the beach today was similar dragging but more; the beach bag, bottles of water, sunglasses, skim board, 4 beach chairs, phone (we didn’t even have cell phones when we went to the pool back in the day), keys, money, Go… The beach is incredibly only about 10 minutes away…. It’s so close. We played, lounged, I walked, a great time was had by all and made it home by 3:00 for the game(apparently ended in a tie)..I took advantage of the fact that I was already wet and floated in the pool until dinner time. Getting wet is a commitment. Getting wet with sand is even more of a commitment but somehow easier to say yes to.

Here are some of my living-at-the-beach observations:

I am now wearing a hat at the beach, in the sun. Yes I know I should always wear one but that’s before I could get sun every freakin day. So today I sported my Dollar Store floppy hat. I probably look super cute but I felt stupid asking Zenah to keep taking pictures of me. However, I look forward to getting more hats to add to my collection (and/or start a collection.)

I will never again have a car that is sand free. I wonder if I should get another beach friendly car, but that would entail getting a job. For now I had Phil hook up a hose near where I park the car to immediately rinse off all the beach paraphernalia. I need to add a vacuum to that hook up as well. I certainly see why beach houses have outside showers.

Also, beach chairs, that have been outside, need inspected for spiders and hiding lizards before putting into the car.

Lastly, I have observed that many of the “old” people down here float in the ocean. I think they live here because there are virtually no waves which makes it perfect for floating. Also the water is like bathwater. Here are pictures of the old people floating:



Here’s a picture of me. See the difference? 

 And lastly, this adventure of mine is not only about living in Florida, it is about living with my boy/man friend (Friance) in Florida. A great great perk about this is having someone to put lotion on your back when you’re sunburn. Heaven….

Until tomorrow,


3 Thoughts on “Life’s a Beach

  1. Debbie Monahan on June 18, 2014 at 12:05 pm said:

    So jealous. It looks and sounds very relaxing. It will be hard to miss us in the north, well the weather anyway!

  2. Liesa on June 19, 2014 at 12:28 am said:

    Very jealous of your beach days, and will be even more so during the winter months in the Burgh! Saw Jimmy this past weekend, and he told me he does not follow your blog. He said he would much rather talk to you and hear what is going on from you over the phone. I thought that was sweet!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon. We will have to compare tans! Luckily, at least the weekends have been nice here, so hopefully the weather will cooperate on Sunday for pool Bunco!!

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