A funny thing happened when I tagged along to register Jorden for school this morning. Actually a couple of funny things. Firstly (is that an actual word?) I put my tennis shoes on for the first time. I drove over with Phil but then walked back. So that was exciting. Almost exercise. We live about ½ mile from the school so it was a nice little walk. You would think all of the unpacking, swimming, etc., would count for exercise but according to my clothes it does NOT. I’m looking forward to longer walks in the future.  Might have to wait until it cools off just a tad.

The secondly funny thing that happened (ok I KNOW secondly is not a right word) is I actually had a pang of missing working, and more importantly work friends. The woman we met with at the school was very nice and I thought hmm, I could be HER friend. The school was very close and I thought Hmmm, I could work HERE. Tomorrow is her last day and she comes back July 28ish. I thought even more hmmmmm, I could work here. The school day for the middle school is 9:30 – 5:00. Really? Jorden will be super thrilled about that (since last year he caught the bus at 7 a.m., in the dark). I could work 9:30 – 5:00. Although we all know that my day would be longer, but still. So I came back home and went online to look for a job at schools. You have to apply to a school job by going to the county website where they post all the jobs for all the county schools on one site. If I wanted to be a substitute teacher it looks like I would get hired in a heartbeat (Ja Nel you might want to share that with your EDUC students). The pay for that isn’t very good and not having any teaching experience not sure I really want to do that. But I could sure work in an office. Who would have thought I would actually miss work.

Although I have many friends I’m not particularly an outgoing person. The last two apartments I lived in I did not meet any neighbors (mostly by choice). The last few years in my house I didn’t even meet my new neighbors. I’ve been here almost a month, met a neighbor but she never came back (she seemed particularly upset that I wasn’t Phil, another hmmm). The guy next store tried to say hi but I was running inside to use the facilities. Ya know? Just bad timing. I did look for him when I came out. I hadn’t felt like I’m missing any friends. I have my back home friends right? But something about sitting in that office, talking to that woman this morning made me miss having friends nearby, and in particular this morning I was missing work friends.

My neighborhood is very much a Wisteria lane by the number of houses (maybe 8) and the layout of the street. I go between not wanting to meet anyone and wanting to start a new Bunko group. We shall see which side of me prevails in the long run.

Tomorrow night I will be making the trip back to Pittsburgh for the weekend. Hopefully I’ll get a “friend” fix while I’m there.

Last night we put a table up on the patio by the pool for dinner. This is where I’m writing my update today. I’ve attached pictures of what I’m looking at. Nice huh?



5 Thoughts on “Things that make me go hmmmmm

  1. Peggy on June 18, 2014 at 6:06 pm said:

    The committee sure misses you Lynnie!! We were just talking about you and laughing about your blogging. We unanimously love it and anticipate the next posts!!

  2. I can’t believe everyone likes it but I’m glad!! You know how I love to purge..I will have to conference call in at lunch one of these days. Skype maybe?

  3. Debbie Monahan on June 19, 2014 at 12:43 pm said:

    There is something to be said about work friendships. I’ve been off since the end of April and soooo miss some of the co-workers…but not all of them..lol! On the other side , it does feel good to wake up and get the day started at my own pace. I do have A LOT of organizing, yard work and cleaning to do. However it’s now to hot for some of this so I guess I’ll just meet the girls for lunch or dinner, relax by a pool or on my deck and wait for another day to “get organized”.

  4. Barb Buchwach on June 19, 2014 at 5:43 pm said:


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