This is what I SHOULD be doing today:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Cleaning the upstairs bathroom
  • Looking for and/or applying for jobs on line
  • Hanging pictures and other decor in our bedroom
  • Unpacking a box of books and putting them on the shelves in the living room

This is what I’m GOING to do today:

Go to Tarpon Springs. Tarpon Springs is about minutes from here and this cool little old world Greek village where they fish for sponges. Someone asked me recently if there is a big Spanish speaking population here and surprisingly there is not. But there is a great big Greek population, so instead of the Spanish/Mexican/Cuban accents we get a lot of Greek accents everywhere. Phil and I actually visited Tarpon Springs on Thanksgiving day last year when we were here for the week. Almost everything was closed (and cold) that day but it was still cool to walk around. Today I’m going to wake those little angels up and drag them up there to do some adventuring. I know there’s a good restaurant, cheap sponges and where the fudge store is. There was also a place where we bought jewelry (although I use that term loosely) but we could get anything in there for $1.49. HA! I still have my necklace that unfortunately would fit a 7 year old neck, but I keep it anyway. Someday I will make a pin out of the elephant pendant that is on that $1.49 piece of jewelry.

It’s so great being back. The kids (and Phil) seem happy to see me. Jorden even accompanied me on my trip to pick up Phil after work. He was protecting me from the snake I ran over but then didn’t see. So, I’m driving down the road, a black snake on the road, and I drove over it.   Not on purpose but I was on the road too. Actually I thought my tires missed it but honestly I didn’t really care if they didn’t. Does that make me a bad person? A serial killer? So I looked in the rear view mirror to see the dead carcass on the road and nada. So, I turn the car around to go find it and nada. So where is the snake? I am convinced it jumped up to save itself and is now hiding under my hood. I wonder if it likes spiders and will eat the families living there that I didn’t get with the bug bomb. I explained to Phil that he is the man so it is therefore his job to find it. He’s put it on his to-do list. Hmmmmm.

There is a child awake, which means I must get moving. As for the rest of my shoulds:

  • I’ll think about that bathroom later, I’m going just block it from my mind for now.
  • I’ll wait for Philip to hang pictures, he has a better sense of balance (see how I did that?)
  • Jobs/schmobs – ya know when I die will I say, gee I wish I would have worked sooner when I moved to Florida? or will I say, gee wasn’t it fun spending all of Phil’s money and uncovering adventures. I know what I would say, wonder what Phil would say.
  • Unpacking a box of books is something you do when watching mindless television, at night, or during a rain storm, and that’s not today
  • Eating a healthy breakfast. I just got the yogurt out of the fridge and ate a chocolate cookie on the way to the fridge. Will the yogurt get opened or will I just go for another cookie and call it a day.

Stay tuned to tomorrow for the results of my breakfast quandary and pictures of Tarpon Springs.


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