So it’s the end of the month and bill paying time. A stressful time anyway because of the no job thing but Verizon doesn’t help. I had an account in Pittsburgh for my cable, internet, phone. I wasn’t able to transfer it so I just cancelled it and then opened a new account down here. Think I was on the phone an hour at work to do it (Sorry Karen) – So trying to pay the bill today any log in I try takes me back to the Pittsburgh account (showing a credit – NICE) but I can’t access the Florida account. Even with the new log in – So I go to the Chat window through Verizon, and I tell her what is going on,,, well the end of the story is it’s not resolved and I called her an idiot, oh and then get this, they want feedback and I fill out the feedback form and it won’t go through. Enough to make me want to throw the freakin Verizon box out the window. I have to say I liked Comcast customer service much better. But Comcast is not a choice here. Does anybody really care about this? I’m pretty sure not. But just so you know this is how my day started.

Well actually that’s not true, my day started with Steve, the pool man coming early (early is now before 10, the no job thing has me sleeping way too much) – and for you friends that asked, I tried to sneak a picture of him today but couldn’t get a good shot – anyway, we have this sand and dirt in the pool that came from somewhere. Steve doesn’t know where it came from but just turned the Kreepy Krawley vacuum thing on and said it should clean it up. No sooner did he leave than it stopped working.  So I’m leaning over the pool to try and get the vacuum working, pop myself in the face with the hose, the phone’s ringing, the dog’s tripping over me, then the Verizon idiot story and I’m thinking I should go back to bed and start over.

But before I do I will fill you in on our adventure from yesterday. Let me start by saying it’s hot. I still say not as muggy and uncomfortable as Pittsburgh but it’s still hot. So walking around is hot. Then take kids that are just waking up and/or haven’t eaten and well you’re just not off to a good start. BUT I kept reiterating that we were going to have FUN. Not sure I was getting complete cooperation however. We almost went on one of those 2 hour dolphin and shell collecting boat tours but they only had two seats and we were 3. (we will go back and do that one of these days) There is a lot of street selling there. Everyone pushing their wares at every corner. The wares are the boat tours, the stores, the restaurants. I’d hate to have that job. So we went to this little aquarium.  Best $7 per person ever. It was very small but great exhibits. We saw the end of a shark show where we saw a person swimming with the sharks and “hugging” the shark. Apparently if you are attacked and roll them over on their back they will like their belly rubbed. Who knew? They also like their mouth massaged. So feel free to stick your hand in there and massage the inside of their mouth. Jorden fed some sharks (I’ll try and attach the video) Zenah not real interested in that – I petted(?) the sting rays. Go me. Very slimy but soft. I did not pet or massage any shark’s mouth. Thankfully that was not an option to the visitors.

Then there was the snake exhibit. Well, let me tell you, my mother has been saying these past few years not to move because of all the snake stories she was hearing on the radio and apparently they are all true and I am living down here with millions of pythons. So I listened intently and I even was brave enough to pet the boa constrictor. I must admit I was mesmerized. I’m not sure if the Boa’s are invading or just the Burmese Pythons. In any event I was brave. The skin is very soft, not slimy, and I think I would have even spent more time doing it if some bratty kids (not mine) weren’t pushing me out of the way. Zenah wouldn’t go near it, Jorden did though, but he’s small enough to push his way in there. I guess it wouldn’t have been very nice of me to push the kids out of the way although I thought about it. I learned that in the history of mankind there has never been a human death associated with a Burmese Python – not in Burma and not in Florida. Not sure if that means they are not getting reported or they really don’t happen. I asked about the dog and a python confrontation and they thought the python would win in a scuffle, but Jorden is sure that Samo would be victorious. Let’s hope we never have to find out. Makes the racing black snakes look like worms. Truly those pythons look like another species. They are huge!! I learned a lot and well let’s just hope they never discover our tropical paradise back yard. (unless they eat Palmetto bugs)

The highlight of the day for the kids was going to Chik fil-A on the way home. Kids…

I guess it doesn’t matter where you live, even in Paradise you have to put up with Verizon idiots, broken pool equipment, and snakes apparently. Lots and lots of snakes in paradise.

Thank god for that screened in pool.

Until tomorrow,



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