Don’t think for one minute that I don’t enjoy, or think I don’t deserve, down time now that I’m not going to an office every day. Actually sometimes I feel like I do more. I KNOW I do more. Different, but I’m pretty much hopping all the time, and/or thinking about what to do next. Laundry? Dusting? Planning an outing? Cooking? Dishes? I mean seriously I’m always doing something. Add this blog and well it’s a full day. So Friday I made sure I cleaned those bathrooms and had the laundry caught up because I was planning on doing NOTHING over the weekend, and I was most successful.

Friday night Phil, Jorden and I drove 20 miles to go to Sloppy Joes on the beach in Treasure Island. We made it right at sunset and then it POURED down rain so we didn’t get to see the actual setting. Sunset here is quite the event. If you are near the beach or even in our little town, at sunset people move to see the sun setting and wait for it to go down. So right at sunset people were starting to move over to the railing to watch but then with the rain the ritual was over. It really is something to see. It must be in our DNA to stop and watch it. Although we here in the Baker/Monahan household have not been good sunset watchers. We’ve only caught a couple of them. NEXT house we will have a better view (JK…remember I’m never moving).

After a not so good dinner we went miniature golfing. Not to focus on money but it really was expensive for miniature golf. Nice course though. Their gimmick or draw is you can feed the alligators they have on the course. I walked by them quickly with my eyes shut. The rain had stopped and it was late (10:30) but we got a round in. Have I mentioned how competitive Philip is? Which makes it all the more fun, and even MORE fun because I beat him. Not by much, but I proved victorious. We drove home up the coast and then I was informed by both Philip and Jorden that it was way too far and we won’t be going there again. Fine…

Saturday we lounged a little in the a.m. but Phil had to go pick up Zenah. It’s such a long haul but in his absence I went right to the pool, on the floatie, and commenced reading. Honestly I don’t do this during the week. I’m still trying to get through my book , A Prayer for Owen Meany. I like the book much better now. It’s only taken me 4 months to read and still 100 pages to go.. Sheesh

We went on with our weekend and proved our good parenting skills. First we didn’t bother to wake up Jorden so we could both lounge in the pool. Nice huh? We slept on the floaties, in the pool, without sunscreen and Philip, the fair redhead, turned bright red. So for those of you that asked “can you get sun through the screened- in pool?”, the answer is a resounding YES. I am getting that leathery skin that I so don’t want to get. I’m looking pretty Jamaican. So that was our first good parenting example: not using sunscreen, in Florida, mid day.

Next we decided to go to an early movie before going out to dinner. We went to 22 Jump Street. The “F” word was every other word and although at times I was in stitches laughing I also wanted to cry at all the sexual references with the 13 and 15 year old sitting beside me. Jimmy said they wouldn’t get the references. Seriously Jim? What’s not to get. Usually my boys give me very good advice on these kinds of things. They rank them “mom” movies. Jimmy thought this one would be okay. He might be on about “mom” movies, but maybe not kid-friendly movies. He needs to hone that skill. But it was funny when I wasn’t cringing. Great parenting #2.

Then we went for Pizza at a local place. Only thing notable about this, other than the very good crust, is that every time someone walked in the door I looked up. At some point I realized I don’t know ANYONE here. I don’t know why I look up as I will never see anyone I recognize. Maybe not “never” but certainly not yet.

Sunday we didn’t start our day until very late.  We had planned on going to the beach later in the afternoon, with lots of sunscreen. But Zenah, in a surprise move, jumped into the pool. After one month of not wanting to get wet she jumped in and that decided our day. Continuing with the competition Philip donned his Speedo and came out for swimming races. He was on the swim team at Beaver High School. Not very fair odds for me, but we had much family fun racing, squirting each other with water guns and playing P.I.G. with the basketball hoop. We both lost in P.I.G.

A delicious dinner and then topped it off with a game of Scrabble. In another show of good parenting, exhibiting good sportsmanship, I naturally won and Philip told me I had to sleep in another room. Can a round of billiards be far behind? We need a white board up so we can keep track of my victories.

The night ended with poor Jorden slipping in the kitchen and breaking a plate. One of my Pier One plates. I was very calm and was immediately reminded of how I scarred Zachary for life when I yelled at him for breaking a plate back in the day. Did I yell at someone recently too for breaking a water goblet? Since I buy all my stuff either at the Dollar Store or on some Clearance sale they are usually not replaceable so in the past I have made this huge deal about it. What is wrong with me? I did not make a huge deal last night. I have learned from my past mistakes and really could care less. I mean I care but he certainly didn’t throw the dish down on purpose. Poor kid. I realized that now we have 7 plates and 7 goblets. In a dinner of 8 Jorden will get the paper plate (JK) – or better yet I think I’ll just buy a new set.

I didn’t get many good pictures over the weekend. Attached is the sunset from Friday and the score card from Golf. The Scrabble score sheet has mysteriously disappeared and although Philip really did wear a Speedo, in preparation of beating me in the swim competition, and I must say he looked rather good, he is not European and I’m not putting that out there.

Until tomorrow




3 Thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Debbie Monahan on June 30, 2014 at 4:23 pm said:

    Beautiful sunset. Beaver High….Michael teaches Latin there! Speedo’s!!?? Sounds like more than a swim race was going on there…lol

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    • Bless you for the tip and thank you for the comment. I do just want to ramble on with my content more than struggle with a theme. So I will check it out your suggestion. Thank you!

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