Happy after 4th everyone. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend full of parades, fireworks, hotdogs and watermelon. That’s exactly what I made for dinner on the 4th, hotdogs, corn on the cob, potato chips, brownies and watermelon. Dinner of champions.

I have come to expect to “not” have any expectations when it comes to the Baker/Monahan family making plans. Neither of us are very good at it. Although I think I’m a little better than some in this household (sorry dear) But so much is out of our control.

Friday, the 4th, we had big plans to go get massages and hang out at the spa where the fireworks would be later. But the spa changed their policy for that day only and we weren’t allowed to hang out there (any other day we would have been) so we cancelled our appointments (I know who does that?) Also my man was sick. Caught some sort of something and was in bed most of the day. Woke up for the delicious hot dog dinner. At fireworks time, when we were planning to go to Safety Harbor, the thunderstorm started. We were just north of the storm but the rest of the area was covered in green (on the weather map). Since the storm was headed east, we loaded up the kids in the middle of a huge downpour, and headed to the beach causeway (which is west by the way.) By the time we got there, 5 minutes later, the rain had stopped. We parked along the causeway and saw about 50 different fireworks shows all up and down the beaches. It was pretty darn cool. I tried to film it but it didn’t work at all. Afterwards we tried to go to this restaurant we discovered, Ozona Blue, but it was closed by the time we got there. We “planned” to go the next day.

Saturday found me with the sickness that my man had and I stayed in bed all day. It was actually sort of lovely to stay in bed but our plans for that day were rather thwarted by me not getting up. At dinner time, our plans to go to Ozona Blue ended up with the kids getting Chick Fil-A, me eating soup, and Phil having left over stir fry.

Sunday, we were both back to feeling pretty normal. Planned to go to the mall, to Bed Bath and Beyond, and Penney’s and look for stuff for the house. Ended up Phil making an eye appointment for Jorden and they took him on Sunday (who knew?) – I went to Macy’s and found nothing. NOTHING. And we ended up going to the movies and saw Earth to Echo, which I was sure I was going to hate. But as usual, I really enjoyed it. Jorden loved it. It was cute. The theater is inside the mall. Pretty cool. Then we came home got Zenah (from her requested day to herself) and THEN we finally made it to Ozona Blue. We have decided that this is our new “go-to” place.   It is right on the water in the middle of a Marina. Has live music, tons of seating, has a pool; yes I know we have a pool too, but the thoughts of being poolside and having someone bring you a drink? Can my Mrs. Gordon life be far behind?

Anyway, our weekend plans turned out perfectly.   Dinner both on the 4th and last night were lovely, we both got some much needed rest, Jorden got new glasses, I enjoyed a movie that I would have never picked for myself, the mall is pretty awesome and I didn’t spend any money. (wait maybe not “any” money, but I didn’t spend “much” money) Can’t get much better than that.

Today started out lovely. A long steady rain storm with rumbles of thunder. I was so hopeful for a full day of rain, but I see blue out there. Who would’ve thought I’d be looking forward to rain days, instead of sun days.

Pictures are from the weekend. The sky picture is from the restaurant looking east. Zenah ordered a sandwich. How is anyone supposed to eat something like that?

Tomorrow I plan on making flora and fauna day with a photo tour of our jungle land back yard. We will see how the plan goes.

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