I started off today committed to my flora and fauna video blog.  I recorded 10 minutes and then lost it all.  Scott, I feel your pain.  Probably for the best.  I am much better typing than talking. But to prove that I can make a plan and carry it through I have taken photos of our back yard for the flora and fauna review day.

Let’s start with walking off the side porch..

side step

Continuing on the side of the house – this is the left side when facing the house.

Notice my big black dog escort.  Gate (with Flamingos) is a gate to the front yard; side hibiscus and interest shot showing a pine tree and palm tree side by side.  As you can see there is lots of foliage but the camera doesn’t do it justice (or maybe it’s the photographer)  It just all looks green and overgrown.  That’s also because it’s all green and overgrown.

gate to front yard

gate to front yard – notice flamingos. It’s Florida! They’re everywhere.


Hibiscus – looks better after the rain

pine and palm

palm and pine – north and south

big black dog

my escort

Then we walk towards the back.  Notice the cute stepping stone.  The owner has a studio full of pieces like this (stay tuned for studio shot) . She apparently made the steps off the side porch as well (see above) and the sitting bench in the shot below.  The bench does not show all the glass/ceramic pieces inlaid but I assure you they are there.  I also assure you that I will NEVER sit on that bench.  Do you see all the green jungle growth behind there?  Do you have any idea what could be living in there?  Me either.  The side yard is enclosed with a chain link fence and then you walk through this arbor.  Owners must have had this for their dog?  Of particular interest is that hanging thing.  Phil says they are very expensive and all the rage down here.  It’s a huge piece of bark with green stuff growing out of the sides.  There is a very elaborate and sturdy trestle type holder supporting it and thick chains.  I don’t really get why all the hype but we have one, and a very big one so woo hoo.  Although in the event of a hurricane I would hate for that thing to come crashing through the back of the house.

stepping stone

fancy stepping stone

arbor arbor-house bark hanging thing 2 bark hanging thing sitting bench

Further into the back I have taken shots of the jungle type flora around this tree.  Notice also the growth that seems to be choking the tree.  And the huge huge HUGE palm frond thingies back there.  I mean they are HUGE.

jurassic park fence

what are those chains for?

big palms

HUGE palm

jungle flowers more jungle flowers SAM_0467tree strangulation

Then we walk along to the studio/shed.  We shall spare you the inside photos but suffice it to say it holds a lot of storage bins.  Then we go around to the side of the house where I believe the owners used to park their RV.  Might be nice to plant grass there for the dog but we don’t own it so will probably not do that.

art studio shed 2

back path to shed and side yard

art studio-shed



back yard

looking from shed towards back of the house (from whence we came)

aloe and big leaves

aloe for sunburn. Sunburned guests are covered!

jungle vermin hideaway

back corner – another place I’ll never go

back platform

we think this was for a hot tub. Right now it’s just a conversation piece. Perhaps we can set up a back yard band concert?

hot tub area perhaps

rv side

And in closing I have often talked about the pitting in the pool.  See the discoloration?  That’s what needs to be resurfaced but we have those pretty tile pieces inlaid in there and we think that they might cover them over when they resurface the pool so we are holding off on making a decision there.  I am holding off until the winter.  Who wants to be without a pool in Florida in the summer?

pitted pool SAM_0477 tile in pool

Front yard will have to wait for another day.  Something for you all to look forward to.

PS – the sun is shining and it’s thundering.  All weather, all the time.


3 Thoughts on “Backyard Flora and Fauna day

  1. Barb Buchwach on July 8, 2014 at 6:00 pm said:

    Well, you sure have a lot to keep up with! Very pretty, though! I love the huge aloe plant!

  2. Ja Nel on July 8, 2014 at 6:26 pm said:

    I can’t believe that you actually go outside in the heat and sun! Guess I’m not a sun girl. 🙂

  3. Debbie Monahan on July 10, 2014 at 10:17 pm said:

    Wow! Looks very interesting. Plants look pretty but it appears to need some of your TLC! Winter work down south.

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