I believe I’ve mentioned the heat once or twice.  The weather channel keeps talking about a coolfront affecting the southeast.  Our temperatures have dropped from 90’s during the day to 88 during the day but all the way down to 77 at night.  When they say “southeast” I don’t think we’re included in that.  So yes Janelly, it is hot.  Every time I say “it’s hot” to Phil his immediate response is “I love it!” and he’s right, I love it too.  I don’t really want to be out in it all day, but when I walk out into it my immediate response is “I love it!”  After walking across a hot parking lot with the asphalt reflecting onto my being for 5 minutes, do I want to get to my air conditioned car?  You betcha, but before then I love it.

Oh wait, did I say while working in the backyard?  Why yes I did.  Didn’t I mention once or twice that we have gardeners?  Why I believe I have.  So why, you might ask, are “we” working in the back yard?  Well, first Phil loves to putter around, which is a great quality.  Second it’s because our gardener is useless.  I hate to talk bad about people but I had to laugh at Barb’s comment when she said at least we’d be busy with our backyard flora and fauna.  We shouldn’t HAVE to be busy but we are…okay, okay, PHIL is busy but hey I helped drag all the cuttings to the road last night.  I risked life and limb by dragging piles of brush, that COULD have been inhabited by pythons, lizards, cat sized spiders, but I was a trooper.  I am embracing my environment and diving in with my devil may care attitude.  Hiding pythons?  Come and get me (Jk,,,,really,,,,jk)

all the brush that the gardener did NOT get

all the brush that the gardener did NOT get

The gardener told me this pathetic story yesterday that would be perfect for a Jerry Springer show, explaining his absence these past few weeks.  I dare not repeat it because if it’s true then surely God will strike me down for poking fun at it but really it was hard for me to not smile.  Also he’s a little scary so believe me I do my best.

Speaking of diving into my environment, I dragged Jorden on a how-do-we-learn-to-sail/boat adventure yesterday.  We stopped at the local Dunedin Yacht Club.  Not a person to be found to ask questions so continued onto the Clearwater Community Sailing Center where it was manned by people to question.  I found out that Jorden does not care about learning to sail but they also have Adult Learn to Sail options.  Phil and I will put that on our to-do list.  I think Jorden would be a great sailor so maybe we can talk him into it at a later date.   I want to immerse myself in my new environment so I will continue my quest into water sport knowledge.  I need to learn to drive a motorboat as well.

Jorden and I decided to walk out onto the Pier on Clearwater Beach.  This beach is close to our house, like maybe 30 minutes with traffic and parking, but on the weekend it’s sooo crowded that it’s almost not worth the effort.  However, the sand is beautiful, white, soft beautiful sand.  The beach is very wide, far from the parking lot.  Jorden and I like looking at the water and the fish and the fisherman.  Fishing poles are big on both of our wishlists.  On the pier, under shading, it’s not hot at all.  It’s warm, but the ocean breezes make it very comfortable.  Without the shading I’m not sure how long either of us would make it out there. Fishing license and fishing poles are big on our to-do list.  I will leave it to Jorden to clean the fish.  He swears he knows how.  I believe him.

pierwaterbeach clearwaterpier pier hello bird from pier Clearwater Pier

After our yardwork, we all enjoyed a spin on Jorden’s mini bike last night.  Even me.  Howard would be proud.

Tonight is date night.  We’re going to try Aimee’s restaurant suggestion.  Salt Rock Grill.   It looks a little fancy.  I think a new outfit is called for.  Don’t you?




5 Thoughts on “Pythons, and lizards and spiders oh my

  1. Peggy on July 9, 2014 at 4:53 pm said:

    Am i the only one wondering the significance of 642????? Beach looks magnificent!

    • it was the title that was automatically assigned because I posted without a title. I corrected my error, thank you very much. but yea, no idea what the 642 is about. PS – The Clearwater Sailing club is right across the street where I think you stayed on Sand Key. I think of you everytime I drive by there. xoxo

  2. scott monahan on July 9, 2014 at 5:13 pm said:

    that IS a big-ass palm. Clearwater looks great…but I am sweating thinking about your humidity…

  3. Barb Buchwach on July 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm said:

    Yes, your yardman better have a good story ’cause YOU certainly did a lot of work! The beach looks beautiful!

  4. Debbie Monahan on July 10, 2014 at 10:27 pm said:

    Beach looks beautiful. That Palm is huge!!! I guess you have to get the yard to a point for the gardener to maintain. Love looking at all your pics.

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