I’m itchy. I keep telling Philip that I’m getting bit by bugs. He’s not, so he thinks it might be in my head. Zenah is getting bit too. She’s getting bit on her arms and I’m getting bit on my legs. However, as I just sat down now I felt something crawling on me and I thought “let it go, it’s in your head” but just to be sure I went to the mirror and saw the bug crawling down my neck AFTER biting me. Looked like an ant before it fell INTO my top. “In my head” my ass. This one was different though cause it actually stung me, which is different from these bites that I’m getting. It’s clear I need to bug bomb. Anyone that has done that knows what a huge pain it is so I am reluctant but it’s going to have to be done.   I also ordered Skin So Soft Avon products over the weekend so will slather up as soon as it gets here. Seems to work well at my moms. I can only hope it will work well here. Getting bit and always scratching is ruining paradise.

I’m also itching, still and again, for a job. I’ve been here 50 days. I originally thought about a month off would be nice and it’s a month plus so it’s time. I also thought I would be taking vacation now so I wanted to wait for that too but please refer to previous post regarding plans. So I hope to spend a good part of the day applying to at least one job. I was also told about a part-time job, driving a snow cone truck. This woman thought it would be a fun job and very flexible. I just have to put ice in the cone and the kids (or whoever) put their own syrup on. Easy peasy; except I can’t see myself doing it. I’ll follow through anyway cause usually the things I don’t think are for me tend to be exactly for me.

Also on the docket for this week is trying out my new Shark cleaner on the rugs. It turns out I bought the wrong Shark cleaner. I wanted the steamer but I got the floor polisher and rug cleaner. Who knew there were different types of Shark cleaners. But since I have it I’m going to try the rug cleaner. Some of you may remember how badly I wanted to clean this one rug I have so I’m going to see how it works. Just wish it had the steam function. And it’s not a vacuum so I don’t really get it. Stay tuned for the update.

Weekend was nice. Thursday Lyming day spread to Thursday night and I took myself to a movie. Saw the Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow movie. It was good. Typical Tom Cruise. Was also a sticker day as I believe I became more of a native when I wore my jeans and long sleeve T-shirt, in Florida, in the summer. Under 85 degrees and I’m cold.

Friday was the dreaded bathroom day although better as Philip and family put a big dent it in it when I was at the movies (a habit I hope to keep up – both my lone night AND their cleaning night) – then Zenah and I went to the mall then Philip came home and we headed to the beach for fish sandwiches (no one got fish sandwiches) and the sunset at the beach. It was the first time we were there for low low tide. The beach was extremely rocky and I couldn’t even get out in the water over the rocks and right at sunset the bugs came out of wherever and ate us alive. We couldn’t get to the car fast enough. But before then, Zenah, my new and best blog photographer, got some very nice pictures.

beach sunset beachsunset2

Saturday Phil and I got up early and rode bikes to our little town. The Pinellas trail is right here so we got on and rode about 10 feet (I’m exaggerating…but not much). First time I’ve been on a bike in a while and although you may think Florida is flat I saw a sign that said elevation 17 feet.   And we live up from there. Maybe another foot. So the ride down to town was great the ride back I was concerned about. Don’t laugh. We stopped at this place called Witches Brew and had an orange juice and split a muffin. There was some sort of gathering going on there and we asked some guy what it was. He gave us some odd answer something like “psychological manipulation”. I think it was some sort of psychic fair, but we had plans so left. We putzed the rest of the day, burgers by the pool, he went on another bike ride with Jorden and then we went bar hopping. Yep bar hopping!!! It was fun. We went to four different places and listened to 4 different bands. In between bar 2 and 3 we saw our friend from the morning stumbling out of one of the bars (just like the old days) and when I say stumbling that is like a serious understatement. But it felt very familiar. We have a few of them in Sewickley and/or very Coconut Grove ish. Anyway, we loved the band, the Markuna Brothers, at venue #3, Boyles Backyard, and will definitely go back. We ended up at the Witches Brew for the last guitar player, Matthew Wead, and there was our new best friend. Drunker than Stanton used to get. (god rest his soul). Lucky for me my Phil is not a professional drinker and getting him to drink a beer at the different places was challenging which is such a plus. He didn’t realize we were going to bar hop. Thought he’d be sipping all night. We ended up getting a hemp brownie at the last stop. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) there are no side effects from eating something with hemp in it. We decided it’s a good cancer preventative and went home. Without the munchies. A very nice night for sure. And look we have our first friend. Have I gone full circle?

PS – I found the ant that bit me. Red of course. It’s dead now. Why does paradise have bugs? Why?

Until mañana 



2 Thoughts on “The 50 day Itch

  1. scott monahan on July 14, 2014 at 5:05 pm said:

    makes me itchy, sweaty, and hung over…what a life!!! p.s. I saw a house fly near the kitchen…

  2. Debbie Monahan on July 16, 2014 at 12:00 pm said:

    I guess I won’t be moving to Florida anytime soon…I hate bugs!!

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