One more application submitted to McKinsey. Maybe the third time’s a charm. And I have an interview with the Ice truck company tomorrow. She also mentioned needing office help. So see? You never know.

I see my life going two ways; which means that it’ll go a completely different way than either of these two. But I see me either getting some part time job that is purely fluff and low paying enabling me to keep the home cooking/caretaking thing going, or I’m going to get a high-powered traveling long hour job with McKinsey paying the big bucks and never be here. What I don’t want is a job where I’m working long hours, never home and not making any money. Like what’s the point in that? But for now it seems like I’m just a blogger who has to leave NOW to go pick up Zenah.

No pictures today, ran out of time. Those applications take a long time. Especially when you sleep in.


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