You may be asking yourself, just what does one wear to a sno-cone truck driver interview? I asked the same question myself. $100 later at Ross Dress for Less and well I came up with quite a few possibilities. Judy would be proud. I was complimented on my outfit at my interview today and complimented on my accessories. I was able to go through each item and tell her where I got stuff (she asked? Can it get any better than that?) Some of the new stuff will also double as an outfit for date night. Ya know? Can I make a buck stretch or what. Those of you that know me the best (or even a little) will say, but Lynn, you have no income, how can you go shopping?. HA! This is true. But I have this boyfriend who will put money in my account. I know, right? Although there are questions at times as to what this money is actually for I took advantage yesterday and bought myself some new clothes. I consider it an investment since now I have the possibility of getting some of my own income. Of course a week of my new income will most probably equal what I can spend in a day but still, it’s something.

Not ever having been in this “income” type position it’s hard to know really how to justify someone putting money into your account, consistently, and not feel guilty. It’s not like I don’t pull my weight around here (and then some)..I mean if I was being paid to be a full-time nanny I wonder what that would pay. I wonder if I should do that part-time in the a.m. in someone else’s home and then come home and do it here in the p.m.?   Honestly I’m not a nanny as no one here really needs me, but you moms know it’s always nice to be here anyway, just to say “need anything? – want a grilled cheese?”

Monday I cleaned three area rugs with that new Shark cleaner (not sure if it’s worth it as no one noticed), went grocery shopping, and made this delicious spaghetti with meatballs dinner. I think it’s also the day I cleaned the bed head to toe because of the “itch”. I had it all cleaned up, bed remade, dinner ready and waiting by the time Phil got home. I have to say it’s fun. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I like the challenge of getting it all done and believe me it’s a challenge. It’s very retro but I still think it’s fun. I do stop short of getting up early and handing him his lunch as he walks out the door; although he needs me to do that cause he never remembers.   I mean really I’m having fun even getting ready for date night. Like it’s all a “job”.

This morning I had my interview, got gas, put air in the tires and got slammed with a rain storm. Like someone dumped a bucket of water on me. Unbelievable. ,,, .came home to put on dry clothes and then went and got a mani-pedi for date night. I still have lots I should do today. Like I’m thinking about dust. It’s already 2:00 – do I start that today? Or do I wait until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll do some today and finish tomorrow. There’s no food in the house. Do I wait for my man and do power shopping or do I go and get jelly? I had peanut butter on bread. Zenah is having carrots. Jorden probably won’t even wake up until pizza time. I mean these are the decisions I make every day.

I wonder how much “fun” I will have if/when I go to work-work and come home and try to do the same things. Or will it just be another challenge? More crockpots? Or quick meals? More organizing? I like organizing so maybe it’ll just be another challenge. Not like I haven’t worked all my life and had to make dinners and clean a house but at least now it’s fun. My stress level is like soooo down. I even have fingernails, even with all this housework. (so I got a mani). Hmmm, maybe I’m not really doing housework, but I swear I clean, cook, do dishes, laundry constantly (except now the wash machine is broken and “I” did not break it Philip – it just broke).

I still think the sno-cone thing might be fun. She asked me today if I wanted to do it and I said “yes, but I don’t know why”. And I don’t,,,,,know why. Maybe because it’s just so different or maybe something will come of it, or maybe I should just wait and see if she calls. I have no idea what I’m thinking.

If not, there is plenty to do around here. I have lots of blogging I need to catch up on. Like all these loose ends I leave. Sometimes I’ll say something and say “stay tuned” and then never get back to it. Ya know? That’s a job right there, to go back through and address all those loose ends. Or how about going through my emails and unsubscribing from all of these junk mails? That’s a job there. What about that?

I’ll just see what happens next. As will all of you. I just know I need more income. I had to turn in my IPAD when I left (or at least I thought I had to – probably could have kept it and no one would know the difference) but now my Kindle is broken, I can’t finish my games, my car still needs registered in Florida, and then there’s the health care benefits that are just hanging out there. I don’t know. Is that just a little more income that I need or is that a lot more?

Stay tuned.


kona ice

PS – no pictures of my cute interview outfit due to the drowned rat look after getting caught in the rain.  Maybe I can cover that in loose ends day.


2 Thoughts on “I’m in a quandary..

  1. Ja Nel on July 16, 2014 at 7:34 pm said:

    If your interview was with Kona Ice people my daughter in law’s friend just posted a bunch a pictures on facebook of the kids have a lot of fun. They all took a group picture with the Kona people!

  2. Debbie Monahan on July 17, 2014 at 12:34 pm said:

    This could be fun! At least your not stuck behind a desk in some air conditioned office on a nice day. I can’t wait to pics of you behind the wheel. Do you wear a costume…heeheehee!

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