A slow day so far. Except I may have to move back to PA since I can’t seem to get my car transferred to the state of Florida or get insurance coverage. The insurance quotes so far are DOUBLE what I paid in PA. On the plus side, gas and groceries are cheaper. But to have a car seems a little cost prohibitive. Especially without a job. So, Greer (my niece) is going off to college in August. Wonder if I could rent out her room. I’m sure Marsetta Lane could find a job for me. She’s been finding jobs for me since 1981. Too bad she’s not here in Florida.

It’s Lyming day and I think I’m already off schedule by calling all these different insurance companies. That’s not particular lyme-worthy. It’s very stressful. And I believe I’m going to make dinner, in the crockpot, but have to go buy it first. That’s not tooo too bad. Still not Lyming.

Two very nice things that happened this week. At Ross Dress for Less there is a Tuesday “club”. Over 55 years of age you get 10% off on Tuesday. So during check out on Tuesday I told her I’m eligible. She carded me! No kidding. So she told me to be sure to bring my I.D. with me on Tuesday’s because I don’t look like I should be in the “club”. I mean I LOVE her. Although in the back of my mind I bet they are paid to say that. But then this morning, my neighbor Linda was at her garbage can at the same time I was at my garbage can, so we were chatting. Like neighbors. Nice! Anyway, I told her my insurance woes and she said to try AAA. Then she said something about AARP but didn’t think we were old enough for that. HA! HA! What a young looking couple we are. So a plus for the ego. But the minus to the pocket-book is still no good.

Date night was nice. A little different from some. Dinner out as usual. There are so many places to eat down here, but I’m sure the same can be said for Pittsburgh. I KNOW the same can be said for Pittsburgh. Just got to get in the car in Pittsburgh as well as down here. And we are not averse to getting in the car. (just might have to be his car in the future once I sell mine) After dinner we went to the local Bingo place. There are no drop-ins, just so you know. You have to show up at like 4:30 or 5:00 and play all night.  So we shall have to schedule for another night. We met another new best friend there. She was giving us the whole scoop and then telling us of her good fortune with the slots at the Casino. Then we went grocery shopping. We were alone at the grocery store so I guess it still counts as dating; that and I had mascara on.

The sun is coming out so I think I’m going to sit by the pool and try not to think about my car registration and insurance dilemmas. Lyming is escaping and not thinking. I need to get at it.  Right after I go to the grocery store for dinner supplies.

Picture is from restaurant last night. I’ve been a little slack on the pictures I know.

dinner 1

One Thought on “Nissan Altima for sale

  1. Scott on July 17, 2014 at 3:54 pm said:

    That looks like a skinned squirrel…and a sun burned fish. I’m not hungry anymore…p.s. selling your car might be a risky thing to do…it’s a nice one….

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