Blogging takes a sick day. But before I go back to the bathroom, perhaps I can get you all caught up.

Except I can’t remember. I’m trying to remember back to Friday and my mind is blank. Did I shop? Maybe that’s what it was. Someone in this house is having a 53rd birthday today and I found time to bday shop next to Old Navy.  So listen to this, in Old Navy at checkout she says I can save 46% if I open a charge. 46%! That’s huge isn’t it? But I say no. After she checked me out she said she admired my resolve. I admire my resolve too. Phil would admire my resolve more if I just didn’t go in at all, but to know me is to love me. (or not)

You know the expression Disneyland Dads?  How mom’s do all the work-work and dad’s get the kids and do all the fun. I think I’m getting to benefit from the Disneyland Dad thing.  And it’s working for me…and it doesn’t really count in the negative sense cause it’s not part-time but anyway, here’s “some” of our weekend:

Friday night, Zenah and I met Philip at Costco. It’s open here until 8:30 on Friday which is very convenient. Then to Panera and topped it off with a game of mini golf. Phil won but Zenah and I suspect foul play.   The two mini golf places we have visited both have feeding the alligators as a side show. Not sure what the connection is to mini golf but here’s a picture.  They really are kind of interesting to watch.


Saturday we packed up and went to Bradenton (about an hour plus away) and went to the DaVinci Machines Exhibit. Very very cool. So does anyone (besides Cathy Susko) know that the Louvre in Paris was started with DaVinci paintings? And did you know that perhaps the Mona Lisa is as famous as it is because DaVinci carried it with him at all times and when people asked what he did he would say “I’m a painter” and showed the Mona Lisa? (am I getting this right Cathy?) And did you know that DaVini was a nice guy and Michelangelo was a jerk? And did you know they both lost their mothers at an early age? Anyway, I found it fascinating. The kids were interested; although Jorden might give DaVinci a run for his money at least in the invention category. (I might be giving him a little too much credit but I think it’s close) Then onto a quick run through of the museum next door (very quick) and an animated planetarium show at the Bradenton observatory. It was cute. I learned (or relearned) quite a bit about the planets. Lots of pictures from the exhibit.  Pictures were allowed!

davincimirrors davinciexhibit1 davinciexhibit3 davinciexhibit4

Then walked around the Pier, dreamed about what boats we want and had dinner.

Going to and from Bradenton we went over the Sunshine Skyway bridge which is not only very cool looking, it was designed by our very own Baker Engineers. So look at that. We sort of own the bridge don’t we? Okay maybe not “me” but that whole 6 degree of separation thing. I feel famous. Bridge pictures below are stock pictures, we’re not that good.

sunshine skyway bridge 2 sunshine skyway bridge

Ended the night with sunset at Pass-a-Grille beach.  It was cloudy but we loved it.

sunset passagrille meandphilpassagrille

and then we came home and Zenah made her own DaVinci model (from a kit..)

zenah model

Zenah made her own model

Sunday I spent an hour in the pool and then cleaned, laundry etc. and THEN I got my new bike? Happy Birthday to me! We didn’t get back from the store until late so I only got to do a quick spin but I love it. AND I have sunglasses to match. Pictures with matching glasses will have to come later. My photographer is busy at the moment.  Oh and we joined the YMCA too.  It is very close – we can ride our bikes there.  I made sure to check out the visitor pass situation so when my sister comes to visit she can keep up her treadmill addiction. (not a bad addiction to have..perhaps I can work on one myself)

new bike

the bright spots are from the flash

Today I have errands to run and birthday dinners to make. The cranberry juice seems to be taking effect so I should take advantage and run to the stores (and get more cranberry juice).  Not a bad blog for a sick day.

And P.S. – the ice lady did call and I start on Wednesday. Thus the trip to Old Navy for shorts (that fit). I ended up moving all my work clothes from my bedroom closet to the winter closet. I don’t think I’ll be needing any suit jackets or pants for that matter any time soon. Those suit jackets might just go to the Goodwill. But not yet…

5 Thoughts on “Disneyland Dad’s weekend

  1. Ja Nel on July 21, 2014 at 6:13 pm said:

    I too saw the DiVinci exhibit when it was at Cal U a few years ago! It was very cool and I still have the pictures on my cell phone. I’m excited about the Kona Ice, it does look like fun. Zenah’s model is great! And I love your bike!! You go girl!!!! 🙂

  2. Kris on July 21, 2014 at 6:49 pm said:

    Good luck with the new job…..sounds very fun and very “cool”. I love week ends like you just had. Keep posting.

  3. Debbie Monahan on July 22, 2014 at 1:15 am said:

    Excited for you and the new job. Hope it’s fun. We will need a report. Love the bike and model. Very interesting stuff.

  4. Cathy on July 22, 2014 at 4:08 am said:

    OK-so where to start? To the best of my memory, while there are several of Leonardo’s works at the Louvre, the first pieces that were displayed when the place morphed from fortress/chateau to museum was the loot from the French royals who fled ( or otherwise “dispatched”) during the revolution. That may have included some Leonardos, because Francois brought him to France near the end of his life ( Leonardo’s ) , but some works went back to Italy- only to be taken later by France. Memory getting foggy here. Anyway- he wasn’t a very prolific painter, so there really aren’t a lot of his works anywhere. I’m not sure about the “I’m a painter” thing -but it sounds far fetched- he excelled at many things and was a much more prolific draftsman than painter. As for Michelangelo- he reportedly had a “artistic temperament ” and lived solely for his art ( of which sculpture was his true passion). OK -long winded comment but you asked for it. And incidentally, the most important thing about any art exhibit is to just enjoy it ( and ignore what the windbag art historians have to say 🙂

  5. judy on July 22, 2014 at 8:38 pm said:

    Lynny! Congratulations on the new job! Sounds very cool and fun!

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