It’s quiet. No one is home, except Sam (the dog) and myself. Not that when they are home it’s noisy. Jorden sleeps all day. Zenah couldn’t be quieter, but it’s the guilt thing. Do I wake them? Do I make something? Should I be taking them somewhere? That kind of thing. Today their Papa (that would be my Philip) took a vacation day and has taken them to the doctors. So it’s quiet.

School starts here August 18th. That’s less than a month. Hard to believe and hard to believe that I’m back into looking at school calendars (at least middleschool/highschool calendars). I printed off the calendar yesterday. Pretty normal calendar other than the Hurricane make-up days. Although we always looked forward to snow days I’m not particularly looking forward to Hurricane days; unless there are false alarms. Once school starts that’s going to be a whole different experience for me too. First experience of moving away from home and everything and everyone I know, then inserting myself into this family, and now when everyone is gone off am I going to go stir crazy? OR will I be driving ice trucks to the schools?  I am scheduled to go out with the Ice Lady tomorrow. She told me that if I end up going to the schools I will have to get the background check and fingerprint thing and then I can have access in any Pinellas County school. Maybe I’ll still be in education via sno cones. LOLOL. I’m cracking myself up.

Speaking of school – Zenah and I drove over to the Palm Harbor high school which is actually called Palm Harbor University High school. There are 2500 kids at this school, which sounds HUGE. It’s an “IB” school. Which I know nothing about. I know at Quaker Valley we had IB projects but I’m not sure what it means when it says there are two magnet programs: International Baccalaureate (IB) and Center for Wellness and Medical Professions (CWMP) So I’ll be learning something new…again…but back to my original story. We drove over to the school (picture below) and the gate was open so we were going to walk around outside and Zenah said something like “are you sure we’re allowed?” Of course we are, I say, it’s wide open, we’re only walking around outside, but if it makes you feel better I’ll stop in the office and let them know we’re walking around. I mean the gate is wide open – it’s like a campus with different buildings (which is weird) – but I go in the office and say we just moved to the area so we’re going to walk around the school okay? And she says “no, you’re not allowed.” I smiled because of course she’s kidding right? But no, she is NOT kidding. She says we’re not allowed to walk around the school. She said if we want to see what it looks like we can do a virtual tour online. SERIOUSLY? I didn’t want to embarrass Zenah so I just stood there dumbfounded. Does she know how stupid that sounds? I mean not to even offer an option to have a tour or come in and speak with someone – just “no”. Did she not hear me say we just moved here? Unbelievable. So we drove around the campus where we could. The lockers are outside!! Although I hear there are lockers inside too. Zenah’s comment was that it looks like a school you see on TV or in the movies. It kinda does. They have big fields in the back of the school. A football field (but not very big stands) basketball, soccer, and it backs up to the YMCA which is where the school practices their swim team. Anyway, the fact that we are new to the neighborhood and not even allowed to look at the school just kinda left me speechless. Which is another new thing for me. I wouldn’t have cared about embarrassing my own kids I would have spoke right up and said “this is the stupidest thing I ever heard” Ahole… J Phil just thinks she wanted to go home for the day. It was late in the day. Even with that not so welcoming experience I am looking forward to going to football games. I’m kinda excited for school to start. I mean I might as well get back into it right? No Powerschool though. Phil has to fill out something for me that gives me the right to go into the schools and act like an official P.I.A. parent/guardian. Too bad I didn’t have that official status the other day or I would have said something to that not-so-helpful school secretary.

palm harbor high school

We had a nice birthday dinner last night. Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, green beans and of course birthday cake. Publix makes a good birthday cake (in case anyone finds themselves in the area looking for a birthday cake). Tashah came for dinner last night. Today Alyna comes so I’m making Salmon for birthday celebration part II. I’m happy that Philip is off today. The “plan” is to plant the lemon tree and tomato plant I gave him for his birthday. I also bought a shrub to try in the front yard and we’re going to try and plant, in the ground, one of the shoots from my jade tree. I think this climate is where those jade plants grow so we’re going to try that. I hope he gets home soon as the temperature is a perfect 82. Zenah said it feels like a school day temp. See? We have fall days here too.

I have no pictures today. I’ll take pictures of our plantings for tomorrow.


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