My feet hurt. I have a headache. And I’m exhausted. That pretty much sums up day 1 of being an Ice Lady. We went out about 10:00 am and I basically stood on my feet until 4:00 pm. My feet are swollen, but the sandals I wore did wonders for how they usually hurt. I went out with the owner. She drove of course. Her name is Jane. Jane is about my age, from Cleveland, but has been living in Florida for about 25 years. She is currently going thru a divorce. TMI? Our first stop was a fundraiser for Diabetes that a company called Wellcare was sponsoring. Jane charged an extra dollar per cup of sales and that’s what she is giving back to the company.   She sold about 145 cups at that stop. Basically there are 4 different size cups and about 50 different flavors. Some are self-serve on the outside of the truck but the majority of these adults wanted mixes that she does herself inside. It’s a lot like bartending. The bottle shapes are the same – the pour spouts are the same, but the ice machine…now that’s going to take some practice. There’s a foot pedal and you hold the cup under with two hands and then push it up under a dome and voila a dome-shaped ice thing in a cup. She only let me try it once, I jammed the machine. HOWEVER, I found out that the machine jams frequently and she just pushes through and lets the ice smack her in the chest when it comes unjammed and continues to fill the cup. It’s going to take a rhythm for sure. After that point I moved so I could watch her fill the cup each time (before this I was on the other side of her) We were there from about 11 to 1. On my feet. Standing. A couple times I opened an ice bag and I was the assistant who handed out Lei’s. You get a Hawaiian Lei with a $4 size cup. Ok ok, so then we went and had lunch. I was like brain-dead. Also the truck is not air-conditioned and no the ice machine does not make it cooler. There is NO way I won’t be able to not lose weight. So wait, then after lunch we went to Safety Harbor Community Park and were there about 20 minutes or so giving out Sno ice whatevers to the day campers. Ages about 5-10. They were adorable of course. I basically watched her with the ice machine and then refilled it on her command and continued my “lei” assistant duties. I know how to clean the outside of the truck with the spray nozzle and turn off the flavors. I also know how to refill the napkin dispenser and how to count the cups and the money. I know not to touch the ice or if I do I have to throw it away. I know to smash the bags with one thing and scoop with another. I know that the ice can’t be too melty or too icy, but if you mix too icy and too melty together it balances out and you can use it. I know that I have to get in and out of the back of the truck several times and here’s where the exercise comes in. Definite legs there. I also broke a nail and bent it back and now all black and blue when trying to get out of the truck. Then I was hauling 20lb bags of ice – two at a time I might add and throwing them in the back of the truck, in the 95 degree heat. There was no bathroom break from when we left the garage until 2:00. That could be seriously problematic at times. So I came home exhausted. My feet are seriously swollen and Phil is laughing just a little at me. I will go back tomorrow for ONE run to a retirement place so I’ll only be out a couple of hours. She did not ask if I wanted to drive and only asked me the one time to make the sno cup. I “think” I’ll be ok if my feet hold out. Oh and my body needs to hold out too. I’m not sure about the headache but I could be dehydrated as I was afraid to drink water because of the no bathroom break.  I just have to keep going and try again tomorrow and we will see. I don’t know that the pay for this job is going to justify the bodily labor – but if I look at it as a workout too it might just be worth it. I probably should have worked out at the Y for a month or two before taking this on but who knew?

Tonight is date night but we need to reschedule. It’s okay as usually we go and because of my exhaustive state and the tons of leftovers in the fridge I’m pretty much okay with staying home.

I don’t have any pictures – please don’t make me take any as I am so dead tired. But as an update I will tell you that Phil did plant the new lemon tree and tomato plant and the shrubs in the front, but I just don’t have it in me to go take the pictures. I promise I’ll take them at some point.

Here’s a couple random tree pictures.  I love these trees.  I took these at Brandenton over the weekend after DaVinci.





4 Thoughts on “The Ice Lady Cometh

  1. Peggy on July 24, 2014 at 12:10 am said:

    You get a “lei” when you buy a $4 cup… that legal in Florida??? (Twss). Hehee

  2. Ja Nel on July 24, 2014 at 12:36 pm said:

    Oh, Ice Lady!!!!

  3. Debbie Monahan on July 24, 2014 at 12:54 pm said:

    Love Peggy’s comment…hahaha Hang in there. Day 1 on any job can be…let’s say…difficult. Soon it will be fun when you get to run the ice machine!

  4. Barb Buchwach on July 24, 2014 at 7:13 pm said:

    Wow, Lynn! Actually would be fun if not for the swollen feet and no bathroom! Love those trees…my favorite!

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