I’m freezing. But will get to that in a minute.

I made it through day 2 as an Ice Lady. I was so so close to quitting this morning. I didn’t ever want to go back. It’s supposed to be fun and I was dreading it. Philip said he would not hate me if I quit so I was prepared to tell her it wasn’t working for me. My body was so sore. My feet so swollen last night. But it was Debbie Monahan’s comment about how everyone hates the first day that made me get my ass out of bed.  I thought I would give it one more day and confirm that I hate it. And well, I didn’t hate it as much today. I wore different shoes today (thank you Jerry Williams) and found a stool in the truck that I sat on for much of the 2 hours and I got to make the ice and serve the cones. We went to an assisted living place and the cups were prepaid so I didn’t have to make change. Old people are so darn cute.  Everyone got the same size and I’m getting my rhythm down. I ran out of ice a couple of times (in the ice machine, not in the cooler) so I have to get used to the sound it makes so I know to refill before I burn it out. And pouring on the flavors was dam simple. So I’ll go back tomorrow. I only worked one event today as that’s what we agreed on yesterday. I could have gone on and done another but yesterday we agreed to one so I wanted to stick to it. Tomorrow I’ll go at 10 am and either be done at 2:00 or stay until 4:00. We will see how I feel. So I don’t hate it today. I will keep going I guess and that first paycheck will possibly go for some new Merrill’s (sandals) for my poor poor feet.

But back to I am cold. I have the chills. I don’t know if it’s because it’s only 82 out there or I’m getting a fever. I almost pulled out my space heater. Almost. But that’s a slippery slope as once I turn it on I’ll be back to using it everyday and our electric bill is high enough. It’s quite addictive. I think I’ll just get a bath or maybe sit outside.  but Brrrrr…

Short update today, cause, well, I’m cold.

Pictures from the truck:

raining on ice day

Did I mention it was pouring and thunder storm for the event today?


my uniform

ice machine

ice machine

special flavors

specialty flavors

more flavors

regular flavors – also can get them outside as a do-it-yourself thing


Peggy’s head always in the gutter – but these are the Lei’s I was referring to. That Peggy…




2 Thoughts on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Ja Nel on July 24, 2014 at 7:24 pm said:

    Wow, those look good! Do you think you could add a shot of vodka to them??? With all cool flavors I’ll bet it could be done! Just sayin…………….

  2. Debbie Monahan on July 25, 2014 at 12:43 pm said:

    Very colorful uniform…..reminds me of Woodstock…the festival! The ice looks refreshing. I”m with Ja Nel, add a little private stock and your good to go! hahaha. Glad to hear the next day was better. Let’s hope the fun continues. If not, you at least gave it a shot. My uncle lives in Naples and he says the same thing about the temps. Feels like winter when it’s in the 70’s and chilly in the 80’s! Doesn’t last long….it’s Florida in the summer.

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