Here’s what went down. Remember way back on Thursday, when I was cold? Yea, it was a fever. Over 102. It was bad, I was dying. Surely I was and I was ready for it. Bring me home, Lord. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) he was apparently not ready for me. I went to one of those urgent care places on Friday (temp was down to a manageable 101) and they gave me a prescription for an antibiotic to treat my UTI. Not actually “gave” me a prescription but you know, wrote the prescription. ANYWAY, started that on Friday, still slept most of the day and night. Saturday I was actually out of bed until around 4:00 p.m (sitting by the pool, in the shade) when the fever shot up again, all the way back up and over 102 and stayed up until about 9:00 at night. And then, like magic, it went away and I was starving. So I didn’t do much over the weekend, other than think about my life. What I focused on was my current employment status and what I did when I woke up today was quit the Ice Lady job. Don’t judge me!! It’s just not me. I mean, I’m 56, I want to be able to go pee when I need to pee. Ya know? Sure it’s a workout but I just joined the YMCA and I want to go to yoga with Zenah over lunch time, or swim laps with Phil, or go for a bike ride. I don’t want to lift 20 pound bags of ice and 50 gallon syrup jugs. Nor do I want to sit in a hot truck for hours at a time. It’s not fun, it’s not me. So there I said it. At least I tried it and I know what I do NOT want to do. Right? I don’t think I feel like a quitter. I think I feel like a smart-er. I am just adding it to the list of  “I forgive myself and move on.”  There is no time in my life to be unhappy. I mean I could have died this weekend from my illness (ok ok I’m exaggerating) but it could happened. All cause I couldn’t pee? Come on…Anyway, I’m happy again. I’m home. I’m blogging. I’m coming up with some plans to produce income. I mean I’m back to myself. And hey maybe in the art of finding myself I really am finding myself. How about that? Not to mention I confirmed that I have a really good supportive boyfriend. He just is worried about what I might try next. Snake charmer perhaps? I do speak parseltoungue.

I decided today that I will unplug my computer in the a.m., go to the dining room table and work on the computer until the battery runs out. That’s all I’m going to allow myself. Whether it’s blogging or applying for a job once the battery is out it’s time to do something else. Like today as soon as this battery dies I’m running the sweeper. (is that Pittsburghese? Running the sweeper?) I know I do that often but today I’m doing it because we bug bombed last night. We had one too many crickets (you know, crickets) and well most of you know how much I hate bugs so I forced my new family to go to the movies and we bombed. We went at night so the dog could stay outside when it wasn’t so hot. Anyway, I have found a few dead bugs. I’m happy there is only a few, but honestly not sure if I wish there was more or wish there were none. But listen to this…. There was a cricket upside down on the kitchen floor and so I went to sweep him up and those legs started moving. Tried smashing him with the broom and that was doing nothing. They are really big to squish with your shoe so I went to get the Borax bug stuff that I swear kills them on contact as I’ve used it before. Well, this mo fo, I poured that stuff on him and he effing jumped up (they are bigger when right-sided) and ran like a bat-outta-hell under the fridge. That Mo-fo MO-FO. So I just swept more of that poison under the fridge. He sure didn’t look so big upside down. I may have learned a valuable lesson about them playing possum and next time I WILL use my shoe.

I know this is Florida and I know Florida has bugs and don’t let anyone be fooled that Florida is anyone’s paradise in the summer. BUT there are ways to limit them in your house even in Florida and I want them OUT. I am getting much better at not freaking out, well I’m not screaming anyway. I do take advantage of the fact that I have a boyfriend now and I will call him when I see one. I think I’ve been doing that so he knows how many we have. But he pretty much has the attitude that this is Florida and you just have to live with it. NOT I say. NOT NOT NOT. I mean within reason anyway.

Enough about that. Even though I was bed ridden for the weekend the “fam” had fun. Thursday night that went to Ukulele open jam night at the Whistle Stop Grill in Safety Harbor.  This month they were spectators. But since we do have a couple of musicians in this household maybe someday they will participate (not me, I don’t do string instruments). Friday night they rode bikes down to our town, went to the pier, the park, and the pizza place for dinner. Fireside Pizza Cafe makes the best crust. Too bad I didn’t want any. Saturday was Phil working around the house. Trying to maneuver how to climb up a palm tree and cut down dead fronds. Jorden ended up doing it. At least on one tree. He kept jumping off the bottom rung so he could say he fell off a 50 foot ladder. Saturday night they went to Boston Market for dinner.


But Sunday I arose from the dead. Just like Jesus. The third day. Well anyway, after an hour or so of a Joan of Arcadia marathon, appropriate for the occasion, (thank you Diane Hess for the heads-up) I then helped build a model. All four of us worked on it. This was not an IKEA piece of furniture. The box said for ages 7 and up. I don’t know any 7 year old that would have been able to figure this out. Anyway, Phil was the brains of the group and I must say I’m a more than a bit attracted to that intelligence. Here’s what we built.

Then after a delicious chicken dinner (made by Philip) we went to the movies so he could appease me and bug bomb. We saw Lucy. Yea, I know. Not really family friendly. BUT there was a lot of information in that movie about how the brain works, and how much brain capacity we use. So it really was a bit of a lesson, in between everyone getting shot. A bit of knowledge, some intense action and well not a bad movie I thought. Then home to put the house back together. That’s it. That’s the weekend. Personally I’m just happy to be out of bed.

Zenah is up and wants to make candied bacon. See? This is the stuff that life (and cholesterol) is made of. And this is why I really need to get to the Y.

mmmm bacon

mmmm bacon




6 Thoughts on “Don’t judge me

  1. scott monahan on July 28, 2014 at 5:15 pm said:

    you didn’t attach a ‘model’ photo….did you guys actually build something or just go to a movie?

  2. you sure you looked? I attached a video of the model

  3. Ja Nel on July 28, 2014 at 5:43 pm said:

    That model is so super cool!!! and a little creepy I might add!!! AND I saw Lucy with Stephanie this weekend too. She liked it, I thought it was okay. 🙂

  4. Ja Nel on July 28, 2014 at 5:44 pm said:

    Oh! And one more thought, no judgement here, it’s your life babe!!!!!

  5. Barb Buchwach on July 29, 2014 at 5:05 pm said:

    Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like there is never a dull moment there!

  6. Debbie Monahan on August 4, 2014 at 11:17 pm said:

    No judgements. You tried and that’s what it’s all about. You need to try jobs out to find your “nitch”…..and you will. So for now, just enjoy life.

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