I finally made it to yoga. No fever, no ice lady and Zenah and I were both in the mood so we went. Woo hoo! It was an intro class and very good. I always like the intro classes better. Zenah liked it too. So I think we’re onto something. It’s only 1 mile from our house and we thought about riding bikes but glad we didn’t as the heavens opened up when we were in there and it POURED.  I was thinking how odd it is that this Y appears to be off the beaten path, on a side street where no-one can find it but then I thought about Sewickley Y.  If you’re not from Sewickley would you think to look on Blackburn road for it?  The Y down here butts up against the high school which makes sense and is also off the beaten path.  I couldn’t really make the Sewickley analogy since our middle and high school are on the main road but still.  I guess it’s not that different.  Zoning down here is pretty mixed.  I’ll just say that.

It’s actually a gray rainy day. Like all day (so far).   According to the weather we are supposed to get a cold front pass though, but what that means for Florida is that it just dries up (according to the Weather man on the news). He said once it passes through, the temperatures will become “almost” pleasant. “almost” – I thought that was funny. Temperature forecast is still in the 90’s so maybe the humidity will drop to 90%. We shall see. I am watching the hurricane currently forming in the Atlantic with different perspective, that’s for sure.

Another fun Florida fact I learned when I inquired about local “meat” at Steve’s (the Produce place) – he said they get their meat from the mid-west and told me that I should never want to buy Florida meat. He said Florida cows are outside in 90+ temps everyday already cooking. He said even at night-time, because it never cools off, they are still cooking and the grass down here is too coarse without as many nutrients. He told me that he wouldn’t sell and I shouldn’t want to eat Florida fed cows. How about that? Interesting fun fact, or justification on his part. But I chose to believe him.

Here’s a question for the day. Why don’t peaches grow in Florida? They grow in Georgia and that’s only like 5 hours away. Shouldn’t Florida be able to grow peaches? I want a peach tree dammit.

No plans for the rest of today. Jorden wants Taco pie for dinner. I have to go get a doctor recheck so I can quit taking my meds (they’re making me crazy). Maybe it’s the weather but I think it might be a lay low/read a book kind of day.


Here’s our Y.  Quite nice actually and today was very crowded.  Lots of kids (day camps) and lots of seniors.  I really like it.


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