Ummmm…I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes I really don’t have anything to say. Which is evident by what you read, but then I assume that I am at least amusing Peggy if no one else. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve got writers block. Maybe it’s the dam antibiotic. I’ve been blaming that for everything. I can’t even go in the sun (so it says on the bottle). Today is a beautiful sunny day. It’s still 90 but the air is crisp and clear. And I need some sun on my face. Wonder when it says avoid “prolonged” sun is that like 1 hour? 8 hours? Cause I can probably get burnt in 10 minutes.

Continuing with saying nothing, I ended up going to the mall yesterday and taking a couple of things back and I got this watch. Cute huh?

watch Have I talked about Charming Charlie’s yet? It’s like candy for women. All jewelry, purses, cute clothes (unfortunately not my size…yet). I took the stuff back with full intent on getting the cash and walking out. So in line once, got the cash and then on my way out started looking at watches. Got the watch, thru the line 2nd time. Then was really on my way out and found these earrings. earrings

So went through the line the 3rd time. I told her that I was putting blinders on and walking out for sure and ya know; I actually stopped and looked at purses, but I persevered and THEN walked right on out…and into Macy’s…with my leftover cash.

I was thinking I should get one of these stores to sponsor my blog. Ya know? Like Old Navy. Why don’t they give me some clothes and I will model them on my blog? Then Judy can rate the look. 

Better yet everyone can rate the look?

Or how about Merrell shoes? Lyming day? A different pair of sandals every Lyming day?


These aren’t Merrell’s but they COULD be

It COULD work. Even Charming Charlie’s? Although I couldn’t possibly wear all that jewelry…but…I could be down with modeling some purses…Now there’s a thought. Like date night for instance?  Not being a marketing person I don’t even know who to contact. It’s not like there’s a “contact here for blog support” on their websites. I know it can be done though. On one of our date nights we found out our waiter’s wife was a blogger. And I’m like REALLY? Does she get paid for it? He said “heck yea” – plus product. He told us her sponsors were giving her grief over the fact that she didn’t have enough content and was just advertising product. So see? I’ve got content (as pathetic as it is) and the advertising would be oh so subtle. Selling out? I think not. Income opportunity? Hmmm?? Maybe I will be discovered like Molly’s sister-in-law. Anyhoo, that’s my dream job. Blogging about nothing, modeling Old Navy clothes, Merrell Sandals and Charming Charlie’s accessories and getting paid to do it. Maybe I’ll just start with the hyperlinks and tagging.

Oh well, I can dream. I did end up in Florida didn’t I? Now I think I’m going to defy authority and go sit by the pool to try to get sun on my face so I’ll be cute for my date tonight. Or I’m going to get sick and it will be cancelled? Let’s just stay positive.



One Thought on “Calling all sponsors…

  1. Do you have any Merrel’s? Seems like you are obsessed about trying them. I’ve had like 5 pairs and love them all. If you’ve never had a pair – I highly recommend taking the plunge – you won’t be sorry.

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