For those of you who are concerned that I’ve lost my mind; rest assured that even though I live in my head I also have a tiny foot in reality, only when I have to. So this morning I got up early and applied for two “real” jobs on line. Not that I haven’t applied for real jobs before but I’m hopeful for either of these. Those applications tend to take forever, especially this one county job. Holy heck.

On other notes: Ya know, I don’t want to belabor the fact that I bought my couch and furniture for after my kids were grown and dog gone, but I am trying to keep it somewhat nice. Ya know? And even when I had kid furniture I didn’t want the dog on it. I mean, the dog gets hair all over the couch and then people get hair all over their clothes, it stinks, the dog’s oils spoil the fabric. You know. I just don’t want it on the furniture. It’s not that I don’t like our dog, I love this dog, but he smells (which is not his fault..he’s a dog) and he’s smart. We put bean bag chairs on the couch to keep him off. He now knows how to take the bean bag chair off of the couch and climb up there. The other day I put a basketball and pillow on the chair and moved the ottoman so he wouldn’t get up on it. Do you know he moved the pillow and the ball and this huge dog cuddled up in the chair. It’s a white sort of chair. Ya know? Why? WHY? I realize these are only “things” but seriously, Why? Now I have to wash blankets and pillows (cause really he smells) and then I’ll probably break the washing machine again because of the pillow and well it’s not my fault Philip!

I don’t yell at him but I do give him a look and he knows. So now we have TV trays on all our furniture but I will NOT give in. Suzanne and others know how I agonized over picking that couch. Maybe I could get just a couple more years out of it? Is that too much to ask. Is it?

chair couch

Last night was date night and we went to Tarpon Springs. I was disappointed because most of the stores were closed. I thought we’d stroll around stores all night. But no. We went back to the same restaurant we went to on Thanksgiving last year. There were about 5 people in there. The food is delicious so we were not unhappy. I asked the waitress why all the stores are closed and she said they don’t stay open at nights until after Thanksgiving until about March.   But we know from last year it’s AFTER Thanksgiving and not Thanksgiving day. There were a couple of stores opened so we didn’t go home empty-handed.  Here are some views from date night:

tarponsunset sponges tarponspringsme metarponsprings

Yoga is in 45 minutes so it’s time to go. Until mañana..

One Thought on “Dog days of summer

  1. HI, I just have to read about those who assist me in “Finding My Story.” I laughed out loud about retraining a dog to not lay somewhere and the fact that the pets will simply do whatever it takes to keep their space!
    AnYe kin FerGET LoKAYshun! It’s territory!
    Best to you in all that’s new.

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