We’re Panthers (and Hurricanes) But today we’re Panthers. What a difference a day makes. Today’s Orientation at the middle school was so organized. The Principal reminds me of Heidi (at QV) – yesterday’s principal reminded me of a high school student. Today we were in the gym, we got a folder, a lock, gym clothes and a ½ hour presentation that was actually informative. Then Phil and I got to leave and get breakfast while the kids stayed and did their thing. What a great morning. Even though we live 2 minutes from the school I picked Jorden up after. The car line was down the street around the block but by the time I got there he was already with a friend. And now he’s actually being nice to his sister. I am hopeful!! It is a good day.

I am going to sign up to volunteer at Jorden’s school. It’s a way to meet people, stay on top of Jorden’s school stuff and maybe get an “in” at the school district. If not maybe someone knows someone who knows someone. You just never know. The high school is where I’m needed (they are so unorganized) but I’d be afraid to volunteer there. Also they told us yesterday that they don’t “need” volunteers. They said they have 900 volunteers for the high school. The schools are so different. They even have different mascots. Isn’t that weird? Like we were always Quakers weren’t we? Jorden is a Panther and Zenah is a Hurricane. Sounds like the hoodie companies are making money on us. And yes they sell hoodie’s here too. I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to wear one.

Another thing both schools have is a dress code. No short shorts. Shorts and skirts have to be mid-thigh. No sleeveless either – they have to be at lease cap sleeves and no flip-flops – too many broken toes she said. They can wear sandals but they must have a strap on them and no soccer slides. I don’t even know what soccer slides are so we’re good to go on shoes. I don’t think Zenah owns a skirt or shorts mid-thigh so we’ll have to see how that goes. Hopefully it’ll just be another fun shopping outing.

Tonight is date night. We’re staying local again. But tonight it’s local on the big highway and not in the small town. But local is local right? Phil wants us to get to know more than the town drunk, who we see everywhere it seems. I actually recognized someone in Publix the other day. She was sitting in the Middle School office when I was registering Jorden. So look at that. It’s a start. I also overheard someone in line at Winn Dixie on her phone talking about Bunko. We were all more annoyed with her that she was on her phone, talking loudly, in the checkout line, but it was still nice to hear something familiar. She actually walked out without her groceries that ended up in the person behind her’s cart, because she was on the phone not paying attention. So I don’t want to be in her Bunko group… airhead.

And in other news – the gardener actually showed up. He cut the grass AND took the clippings from three weeks ago.

It’s a good day. I’m going to make cookies.



One Thought on “Go Panthers!!

  1. Debbie Monahan on August 7, 2014 at 1:02 am said:

    Yes! Finally a public school with a dress code. Now lets see if they stick to it. Some of the outfits I see at the high school are darn right “X” rated! And they expect the teachers not to look and the kids to concentrate! How can you not look….it’s right in your face. Ok…I’m done. Glad today was better. Now with school starting you will be meeting more adults to chat with.

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