I’m having a hard time blogging. I don’t have anything new to say and it really can’t be that exciting to follow my eating habits.  But on date night we really did hit the dessert jackpot. We went to this place called Lucky Dill’s and they had a full bakery in the restaurant. REALLY nice and a great discovery.

lucky dill desserts luckydilldessert

Last night I spent my last $40 on scallops for dinner. Not sure it was worth it although they were good. But that’s two pedicures. And I’m in need of one of those.

It’s still hot, it’s always hot. But that said it’s usually bearable. There have only been 2 days (last weekend) when it was unbearable to me.  I even did yard work this week and didn’t mind it.  We eve played badminton yesterday..outside.  It’s summer.  It’s hot (unless you live in Michigan where I hear the high was in the 40’s yesterday).

There are no weekend plans. Maybe I’ll dedicate an entire day to job hunting. Lock myself in my room and search the internet. Or that might have to wait until school starts. I’m counting down the days, both to school starting and a job starting. 🙂

It’s raining at the moment. Complete with thunder and lightning (or is it lightning and thunder?) Waiting until it passes to go to the library and try to get Zenah her reading requirements for school. She has one week to read two books. I’m confident she can do it. It should be bathroom cleaning day but I’m not feeling it. I’m feeling a make-up Lyming day. I missed it yesterday. Yep I think that’s what I’ll do. Better get at it… after the library.

The storm has passed – I took some pictures:


our little flower/shrub garden we are trying. Not sure what will grow where. We also need some mulch here.


planted some marigolds and a Firebush around Fred (the Flamingo) The ground was stupid hard to dig in because of the tree roots. Not confident these plants will make it but we’re trying different things.


Aren’t these pretty? I lost the tag that says what they are. They say “annuals” but our most helpful gardener at Home Depot said they will come back. So we will probably end up putting these in the ground somewhere. Right now they are in a container.



My jade plant is thriving! It loves it here.


I do need to water it more often.


can you see the badminton net?


an example of the heat – after the storm passed the steam on the windows




View of my couch as walking thru 🙁


Storm has passed. I love the sky here. I’m going to do a post totally devoted to the sky. But not today.

Have a nice weekend.


3 Thoughts on “A Florida Friday

  1. Ja Nel on August 8, 2014 at 5:47 pm said:

    Hi Lynny,
    I think Fred needs a friend. He looks very lonely! 🙂

  2. Perhaps you’re onto something Janelly.

  3. Debbie Monahan on August 8, 2014 at 9:31 pm said:

    Those deserts looked yummy! Happy gardening.

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