It’s raining, it’s pouring and I love it. First we don’t have to water plants when it rains so that’s nice (and a savings). Second I feel like doing “inside” work when it rains so the house loves it. And it both cools things off and then makes it muggier. As the “weather girl” (as some of you know me as) I do like a nice change of weather. We cleaned this weekend and found a bunch of screens. Can’t WAIT until we can use them and have real air going through the house. I don’t know if that’s going to be October or when. But whenever it happens,  it will be a welcome change of pace.

As I have mentioned, I am mesmerized by the sky here. It can be pouring inland and sunny at the beach. That happens a lot. Last weekend Zenah didn’t come to the beach with us because when we left it was thundering; however, true to Florida form it was pure sunshine 5 miles away at the beach. I got the sunburn to prove it. Today though seems like a total gray day, quite unusual, quite Pittsburghish.

There’s something different down here with the sky. Like the sky is bigger maybe? Many more puffy clouds. Below are some pictures of sky shots that I’ve taken.  Of course seeing in person is always better than the photos my phone takes.  But did you know if you click on the picture you see it better? I just discovered that (duh).


view from the pool – from the floatie. Good thing I didn’t drop the phone into the pool


pool view


from Clearwater Beach

from pier

From the Pier at Clearwater Beach

port richey sky 5

From Port Richey. See the moon?


more puffy clouds

pittsburgh sky

Look!! A Pittsburgh sky! Feeling right at home.


Pretty sure this is from Honeymoon Island (the beach). Sunburn to the left – storm to the right

sky 2

Sun below – death cloud above. I got caught in this death cloud too. It rained so hard I could not see the road.

sky 1

a little bit of everything. Death cloud, blue sky, puffy clouds

ozona sky

Ozona at sunset – taken by Zenah

As for the weekend we did a lot of unpacking and more settling in kind of stuff. It was great. Phil cleaned the shed/studio. It’s air-conditioned out there with electricity.  Now I know where to find him when he goes missing. He uncovered (and organized) about 10 hammers and maybe 5 ratchet sets and drill bits out the wazoo. Every size nail or screw imaginable (but no “S” hooks…I was looking for one to hang a birdhouse…I improvised) And the shed is filled with mostly EMPTY storage bins. It’s a lovely thing. I need some projects so I can hide out there too.

We also went on our Sunday bike ride. I donned my Steeler jersey (thank you Sally Maloney) Got a woot woot at our breakfast restaurant that’s on our bike trail. I am feeling very out of touch without Bob Pompeani. I have to figure out how to stay on top of things.  There must be a Steeler bar nearby.


Go Steelers!


Taking a bike break at my favorite park bench.


Can you see how my sunglasses match my bike?

I think I see some dust, I must get it. Until mañana…


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  1. you look so happy…I am happy for you.. also love the “Finally Florida”

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