Thank you for all of the complimentary comments over these past 51 posts. Right when I think nobody wants to read these anymore I get a comment that says to keep going. So I’ll keep going with my nonsense as long as someone wants to read it. Maybe if I can get thru another 50 posts I’ll start the book. It was a dark and stormy night…

Phil took a vacation day today in anticipation of a family weekend. However, this is what’s happening. Him and Jorden are going to Orlando; Disney we hope – Magic Kingdom in particular I hope – because I don’t really care about going to Magic Kingdom and Jorden’s never been there and since I’m not going I don’t want them to do something I want to do too. Does that make me selfish? I think not. Zenah has been to the Magic Kingdom twice (at least) so she’s going to stay with her Aunt for the weekend which she is thrilled about and me? I’m staying home…ALONE…I’m so excited I can’t stand it. Not that I don’t love my family. Phil was saying “are you sure, I feel so bad…blah blah.” And I responded “are you kidding me??? It’ll be like HEAVEN. HEAVEN I tell you!” So I’m staying with the dog. I can’t wait to sit by the pool and read my book (now reading What Alice Forgot) and maybe I’ll even take myself to the beach.   Maybe I’ll watch some girlie movie. Maybe I’ll stay on the phone all weekend (get ready Di!) I mean the options are endless.

Not only am I getting ready for my alone weekend it’s payday and Phil says I’m taking over the budget. Scary I know. But I’m up to the challenge. I think I might be a little more vigilant than him but since I overdrew my account yesterday I’m not totally sure this is the right move. I hope he’s going to keep a secret stash in the event I fail. With my alone weekend maybe I’ll even go shopping. I don’t know what I’m going to give myself in the budget department but I mean this weekend is getting better all the time. We’re starting to decorate a little more. You know those chatzskies from Michael’s are pretty pricey. We need to pick a theme though and stick with it. Our living room is kinda dark and wood theme. But I’d really like to go to a beach theme some day. White, flowy, airy. But not yet. First we need to finish unpacking. And when I say “we” I mean “he” needs to finish unpacking. He is making great headway. But we still don’t have a guest room. Soon, certainly in time for the season (I hope). Here’s some decorations I’m working on – It needs work.

SAM_0511 SAM_0513 SAM_0519 SAM_0520

I had to take some movies of the weather right now. Not a good day to travel but hopefully, as is typical of Florida, it will clear up. We’ve been getting some strange (so they say) weather patterns. Apparently the winds usually come from the west but they’ve been coming from the southeast I think they said, so we’re getting storms earlier in the day than usual. And really heavy storms too. We love it though. It’s so cozy. It’s noon and the lights are on. I ended up taking movies because the stills just don’t show the amount of rain. It sounds beautiful doesn’t it?

Have a nice weekend. Can’t wait to blog about my alone time. Hope it’s a really boring blog because I’ll have done nothing!!


4 Thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy night (and day)

  1. Barb Buchwach on August 15, 2014 at 6:28 pm said:

    This Florida life certainly seems for you!

  2. Hey Lynn, don’t stop blogging. I love to read your posts. I think you could write a book. I know whatyou mean about being alone for the whole week-end. I love it too. Do something nice for yourself…just keep that budget in mind. Miss you.

  3. Debbie Monahan on August 18, 2014 at 12:35 am said:

    I always loved the week ends when Dan would take the boys camping and Erin and I would have peace and quiet! Everyone needs a break like that… relax and enjoy

  4. Ja Nel on August 20, 2014 at 1:21 pm said:

    So, if you are taking the videos with your cell phone, I’m impressed! Two, where is the friend for the flamingo? 🙂

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