Happy First Day of School. Whoot whoot whoot! I say again, Whoot!! I loved getting up early and getting going with the day. We will see how long it lasts but day one I’m feeling so productive. Phil and I took Zenah to school. She seemed perfectly fine. If she was nervous she did not show it. Typical me I’ve already texted her, no response yet. I hope that’s not a bad sign. Jorden was next and got himself up and showered and was ready at like 8:00 am – he doesn’t start until 9:30 but I took him around 9:00. He wanted dropped off about a block from the corner so he could walk in. He said he’ll walk home. I’m planning to meet him half way. If I see him walking with someone I’ll hide.  He doesn’t have a cell phone yet but I asked him if he knows the home phone number, his dad’s number or mine incase.  He said no.  I said “okay.”  Eh, if we lose him we lose him. So after I dropped him off I went to the grocery store (again and always) – got stuff to make for dinner – came home figured out how to make what I’m making for dinner – applied for 2 jobs online – and now writing this blog all before 10:30! Ya know? I’m usually just rolling out of bed around this time. So I have laundry to fold, and have to go get Jorden a phone charger and Zenah a bike lock and by that time it’ll be time to pick Zenah up and then I’ll have all this time and won’t know what to do with myself. Maybe I’ll wait and take her with me to get the charger and bike lock.

So my weekend, here’s what I thought about the most. Should I start getting manicures? I mean is that important? I’ve never had fingernails. Sometimes they grow and then as soon as they start looking good they peel and break. When we first moved down here I had good-looking nails. After this weekend they are now looking like Pittsburgh nails; which is to say broken and weak. So should I do it? I have added pedicures to a “have to” routine. The toes are always out so that seems like a must. So with my day to myself that was the universal question that I came up. I shall explore my options more.

Otherwise after the troops left Friday I was mixed with both excitement and a “now what do I do” attitude so I assumed the position on the couch which I was so familiar with (sitting in the corner, TV on, is the position which I am referencing) and called my brother. He used to call me on a Friday and make sure I was in my chair. With this new boyfriend/family I have I’m never in the position. Phil drags my ass all over the place. It’s fun but down time is nice too. The dog made me a little nervous as he was guarding the front door for a good part of the time. I don’t know if he was missing Phil or there was suspicious activity out there. Either way he’s good to have around when alone.

Sam the guard dog

I woke up Saturday and found that a mosquito had found it’s way into the bed and enjoyed a drunken evening at my poor legs expense. Mother effer. I got him though. Then I put on my swimsuit certain I was going to treat myself to the beach, set off a bug bomb (again) in the bedroom, sat out by the pool with the dog for a couple of minutes and it started to thunder. So much for the beach. It remained cloudy and rainy the rest of the day. I was thinking about how the beach I want to go to is about 30 minutes away. There is a closer beach but it’s so rocky that I don’t “love” it, so I was going to drive to Indian Rocks beach, 30 minutes away. And you know what I was thinking? “that’s a long way away!” Can you believe it? I would drive 8 hours to get to the beach all my life and I’m sitting there thinking a ½ hour is too far. I hope I shake this attitude soon. I think it was just the fact that I had a lot to do on my big day off. I wanted to relax and not drive. Well anyway, I missed the beach but promised myself I would go on Sunday. I did enjoy my day by the pool (under cover from the rain), talked to my mom a long time, read a little and then did my errands. Went to Home Depot and Wal-Mart, being ever so vigilant since I’m now in charge of the funds. I actually put stuff back. And I stayed out of Michael’s. Maybe next pay. Saturday night was spent again on the couch, TV on, talking to Di. Just like the old days.

Sunday the plan was to clean the kids rooms, get their beds made, you know something nice to come home to and the night before school and all and somehow fit in the beach. Thought I had until 7 p.m. but they came home early so there went that. They all got home around 4:00 and then Tashah and boyfriend came for dinner so we whipped up a delicious impromptu dinner for 6. We’re really good at this meal thing (team work). So in conclusion about my half weekend alone, I was productive but I missed my boyfriend and he missed me (isn’t young love grand?) We decided the break was nice as it’s nice seeing each other again. This Thursday I’m planning on going to Orlando to see Marissa. Could be the start of something.

Oh I know the biggest thing that happened this weekend. I bought Jorden and myself fishing poles AND I got my very first fishing license. I can’t wait to go. I can’t wait to post pictures of the fish I catch and of course blog about the ones that got away.


Until mañana


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