When you read a book do you think you’re the character? I do. I totally get into the character. Movies too. I’m reading What Alice Forgot. The gist of the story is that Alice has hit her head and she’s lost 10 years of her memory. She thinks it’s 1998 when it’s 2008. She doesn’t remember her 3 kids. It’s an interesting premise isn’t it? I mean what if I did the same thing and I thought it was 2004? Jimmy is 13, Zachary still at Penn State maybe? Or did he already quit? Well the point is if I woke up now thinking it was 10 years ago how shocked I would be to find myself living here with the strangers. With a couple of days to myself, and reading the book, I’m thinking about the strangers I live with. I wonder when or if that feeling will ever stop. I don’t really feel like they’re strangers all the time and especially not when we’re all busy doing stuff, but 10 years ago they sure would be.  I really do feel like I’ve been plopped into the middle of a story.  I know very little about these people’s past or when they were babies, and what I hear is like I’ve read it in a book.  Ya know?  It’s not real cause I wasn’t there.  I mean think about it, the only people I married or dated (with a few exceptions) were all from my hometown. Even from the same high school. Okay, Okay a couple of you out there quit counting…Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned my new family as “strangers” before and I don’t want to keep calling them that, but I’m getting sucked into that book.  I told Zenah that I keep forgetting if it’s the character that has lost 10 years or if “I” have lost the 10 years.  Surprisingly she gets me (thank God!)  At least I think she does.  She did run and hide in her room when we got home. Hmmm… 🙂

Better day for Zenah today at school as she was able to change her schedule to what she wants. THREE sciences. Sheesh. And she’s excited! Go figure. Plus she’s in Chorus and they might go to Disney over Christmas (if they make the cut). How fun is that? Jorden went to school early today on his bike. So he’s a happy camper. He said he liked Beaver school better though. That’s based on one day. We can’t even use the winter to convince him, he says he liked the winter. Dam kids. He’s not unhappy though, just an observation. There’s an awful lot of kids on bikes that live around here. All boys so this could be a really good thing.

I had a slow morning, read my book and then to yoga. I can tell this is going to be a great transition with these kids in school and these quiet mornings. Honest Phil, I’m looking for a job. Really I am.

Better get back to my book. Phil says he thinks the characters in books are waiting for him to get back to it so they can finish their story. So I better get back to Alice and help her remember her kids.

For today’s visual, this is where I’m reading.

reading corner

And this is the temperature, in the shade.


Until mañana  (is it “until” mañana or just mañana?)


4 Thoughts on “Go ask Alice..

  1. Thank you lynnie for these little “escapes” from the day. I know you may think they can be mundane but i actually stop what im doing to read and see what you are up to today. LOVE it! Its so fun to read ur takes on things today vs how u would see them years ago. Miss you!!

  2. Barb Buchwach on August 19, 2014 at 8:40 pm said:

    I ditto what Peggy said!

  3. Ja Nel on August 20, 2014 at 1:25 pm said:

    Me three!!!

  4. Nice one sis!

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