I’m still here. Both on this blog site and in Florida. But I am on my way migrating both to the new blog site and up North. I’m packed….mostly. I’m so looking forward to wearing a sweater, and pants. I am already acclimated to this Florida climate as when it’s in the 80’s I’m wearing jeans and long sleeves. Although I was acclimated long before moving down here as evidenced by the year-long heater under my desk. By the way, we met Phil’s daughter and friend out the other night and her friend (Jordy) also keeps her heater on, under her desk, year round. So Lena, if you’re reading, she’s “our” people! I’m happy to say that I have not had the heater on once since moving here although one day I got awfully close.  Those days are coming though.

My crisis of the day is trying to get a pedicure before leaving. Also trying to figure out how open house works tonight at Zenah’s school. Do we go to her first period when we get there? So I called the school just to confirm and the main number rang for 3 minutes and then they picked up the phone and hung it up.  I love her school. I tried again and they did the same thing. Is it me Lucille?

The weekend was nice. Always are but I usually can’t remember what I did other than the day before. I’m going to try here now. Let’s see, Friday night we went to a new place for dinner – Peggy O’Neills – right in our little neighborhood. We decided we like it and will go again. It was loud but the food was good. A band started to play as we were leaving and they sounded good, but did I mention loud?

Saturday, ummmm, I think there was reading by the pool and honestly I don’t remember much else. We had Chinese food though. I do remember that. Oh wait was this the day when it started to thunder so we got out of the pool and Phil decided it was time to clean out the gutters? You know, with a metal pole, on the roof, with thunder. Doesn’t everyone do that? Next thing you know we were all out there (the storm passed). The most important discovery is what is right in our neighbors back yard. A pond. Yep, standing water. Do you know what’s in standing water in Florida? ALLIGATORS and mosquitoes. So this could explain the feeding frenzy at dusk if I’m out side. Hopefully someone will decide that it’s a good piece of real estate and fill it up. I’m NOT a fan of standing water, in Florida.

SAM_0524 SAM_0525

Sunday was our bike ride and this time Zenah joined us. It was hot. Like throwing up and passing out hot. I think the heat index was something like 105. And I got a flat tire. Do you know how hard it is to ride a bike with a flat tire? I was able to put air in it after breakfast and almost made it home before it went flat again so the last mile or so was brutal. Then I went in the pool with my clothes on (no shoes). A pretty good salmon dinner and that was our weekend. Today is back to school and well, like I said, packing and pedicure, laundry and open house. Perhaps I will leave them with some cookies to remember me by. Hopefully they will want me back.

And hopefully after this week off of blogging and my transferring from one site to another you all will want me back.  We will find out the answer to both in a week!

Have a good week and happy labor day!


2 Thoughts on “Still here..

  1. Debbie Monahan on August 26, 2014 at 3:38 pm said:

    Save travels and enjoy your time up north.

  2. Ja Nel on August 27, 2014 at 6:05 pm said:

    That does not look like a little pond. I’m a little concerned. Ja Nelly

    P.S. Sorry I couldn’t talk more or say good-bye. I loved seeing you!!!!! We should have taken a pic!

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