Here I am, here I am!  All new on my new site that should hopefully look pretty much the same to you.  It looks pretty  much the same to me too.  After a huge run-around about transferring my site from some yahoo, I made a phone call and 30 minutes later a great “american speaking” rep helped me.  I only emphasize american speaking because they emphasize it.  And I will admit it’s much easier than me saying a thousand times “I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re saying”.  I hope this doesn’t make me sound diversity insensitive.  I love all peoples, I just want to understand them when I need to.

And, I’m home again, from being home, and now I’m home…again…home.  It was a long visit but not.  Know what I mean?  I was in Tuesday – met my sister and niece for lunch, ran downtown to PPU and got to see a few people for like a minute each and then didn’t see alot of people.  Zachary and I had a lovely evening out, even ran into Channa at Target (picking up another hello) – Wednesday I hit the road and went to Virginia.  I absolutely love that drive, not in the winter, but it is a beautiful drive.  Here are some photos of my road trip.

SAM_0538 SAM_0540 SAM_0541 SAM_0542

Some photos of flowers at my moms. I have been going in May for the past few years to plant her flowers so it’s fun for me to see how they’ve grown.


not sure what happened here. Very leggy begonia or it’s the dragon begonia thingy. In any event it’s colorful.

SAM_0529 SAM_0533

The visit with mom was one day driving, one day visiting, and one day driving back.  Phew.  Then got to see all the babies at Mya’s 2 year old birthday party. She is the cutest thing ever.

mya at the pool

Then a quick game of Scrabble with the girls.  Wonder why I didn’t take any pictures there?  Especially of my winning score?

Saturday I was able to hit the farmers market which is such a big deal for me because it’s “off” season down here in the great tropics so to see all those fresh vegetables and bustling morning activity was quite the rush of homesickness.  I managed to smuggle apples onto the plane so am enjoying my northern apples as we speak (or as I type).

Then to the pool with the babies. Here’s my sister with all her grandchildren in tow.  My how times have changed.  We still hit the water slide, my sis and I.  The old broads coming down the slide.  It was fun, but that water sure was cold.


Grandma with kids in tow.


These kids are great picture takers. Plus I think they were trying to get warm on the concrete.

The late afternoon and evening was spent with my boys – a pizza in Shadyside and a walk around the fountain.  LOVE that fountain.


and this would be our Jimbo



And now let’s see – oh Sunday breakfast with my sister, then to Robert Morris to watch Greer play D1 soccer.  Quite a different level than high school soccer.  She is so good, they are all so good.  She got credit for their only goal.  Not bad for a freshman, ya know?  So that was fun.  Did I mention I was in jeans and long sleeves?  The weather was weird though.  I went from cold to hot in the same sitting.  Down here it’s just hot.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of pictures of the game.  Oh well.

Then came back home home, here to Tampa yesterday morning.  My boyfriend met me at the airport with roses and a new look.  He’s got a little scruffy beard thing going.  I couldn’t stop looking at him.  I LIKE it.  Makes him look younger, not that he looks old without it, but I don’t know, kinda sexy I’d say.  (Sorry Greer, TMI?) We went right to the beach, had a lovely breakfast in a french cafe joint and then proceeded to get stupid sunburn as we were floating in the ocean from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.  Honest we put on sunscreen, I’d hate to see what we’d look like if we hadn’t.

He had the house all clean, yard work done,  a new basket and fixed flat tire on my bike and then showed me the junk room/music room/guest room and it was all cleaned and I started to cry!!  Then I dragged him to the furniture stores so we can redo that room.  I’m so excited.  We can have visitors now!  Well not now, now, because Jorden decided he wanted the bed that we had in there so now we have no bed but we’re shopping for one.  And I think I might paint first.  I wonder who our first visitor will be?  And should they get a prize?


Do not ask why the bike is in the house. I’m just excited about my new basket (and fixed tire)


So this has been fun getting you all updated, getting my blog onto the newer, bigger, better site.  I’ll have to mess around with the blog settings on another day when I don’t have to pay bills, go grocery shopping, get some paint chips and look at furniture before making dinner.  Maybe I’ll apply for a job in there too.

If you want to keep following my mindless rants you’ll have to click “follow” again somewhere on this page.  I don’t know where it is but I’m sure if you look around you should find it. If not I’ll ask my editor (Phil) when he gets home.


8 Thoughts on “And it worked!!

  1. scott monahan on September 2, 2014 at 5:18 pm said:

    nice! and ma’s pics of the flowers are groovy. what a week you had…

  2. I enjoyed seeing you for a minute!!! And now your gone….. but happy to be back!

  3. Sorry we couldn’t meet up this weekend!

  4. Suzanne Swegal on September 3, 2014 at 6:51 am said:

    So I am exhausted just reading about your week

  5. Debbie Monahan on September 3, 2014 at 9:10 pm said:

    Ok. So I made it to this new and interesting site. Now I’ll see if I did things correct on my end. Sounds like you had a good visit north. I didn’t realize Greer was playing soccer. We are a huge soccer family. I’ll have to try and follow RM in the newspaper. I’d say I would try and make a game but chances of that are slim with all the activity going on here! Oh yeah….in case you didn’t see it on facebook…Erin is having a baby!! Due March 1st. We are sooo excited.

  6. Mary Ann Rondinelli on September 8, 2014 at 7:08 am said:

    Testing 123 worked!

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