A few weeks ago I was in Michael’s, in the 95 degree heat, and they had all the Fall stuff out.  I gave them some mental slack since, well, it’s a crafts store and perhaps it was time to be working on Fall decorations.  I’m was in full summer mode though.  I’m still in full summer mode and it’s September. I think in Florida it’s going to be full summer mode until October when it becomes “bearable” summer mode.  When I got off the plane in Pittsburgh last week the first thing I did was take a deep breath in.  That day the air was so refreshing.  It felt like I could breathe again.  I made sure I slept with the windows open all week (although many fans still going).  I talked with a couple of women yesterday who have lived here years, one her whole life (believe it or not, I did not know they made native Floridians), and they both said that this has been the hottest summer they have ever experienced.  Which is good to know because other than a few days it hasn’t been that bad.  I mean it’s bad, but it’s Florida in the summer so I was expecting that. But I miss Fall.  I’m thinking by October we will be able to open windows so to me that will have to indicate Fall.  The sun also seems to be looking a little different.  Like shining in our room at a different time, or around the pool differently.  So there are indications of something going on that’s slightly different.  Open windows will signify Fall and then of course we will display Marcus the Carcass.  I’m sure all of you don’t know who Marcus the Carcass is, and well let’s just keep that as something to look forward to closer to Halloween.

And then the big question, what does one wear in Florida in the Fall? During July or so I was in the mall (down here) looking in Macy’s as I was walking by and I thought something was off.  Something was just not right.  And what was it?  Fall clothes.  In Florida?  Fall colors, sweaters, I mean who will wear those?  I have the same t-shirt dress on that I always wear and am assuming I will wear it year round until it either falls apart or Phil burns it cause he’s sick of seeing it.  Of course I’m not working so don’t need work clothes, but it is date night tonight. I need to dress appropriately right?  Do I wear white still?  So many things I have to learn, and buy.  I saw some Uggs in Plato’s Closet also in July.  Of course Uggs down here will make more sense as they won’t get salt stains and be nice and toasty for when it drops below 70.  My sister-in-law who lives in California wears her Uggs and a parka when it’s under 70 (or maybe 60).  It gets colder there than here, I think.  We shall see.  It will be something for me to do.  Follow the weather.

I took time out from my day yesterday to compare weather statistics between Pittsburgh and Tampa because I swear it’s hotter up there.  A 90 degree day in Pittsburgh, in my opinion, feels much different, and hotter,  than our summer days.  So I was looking at dew points and humidity and temperature trends.  Is there a suppressed meteorologist in me somewhere?  I think not.  I just need to prove my point, to no one other than myself.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with myself today.  I’ve putzied a little, did some dishes, doing some laundry, making some chicken soup, now writing this.  My new blog page is kinda fun.  Lots of buttons to figure out.  I added a “follow” button last night – it’s at the very bottom of the blog.   I guess I could work on that more.  OR, I have a pile of catalogs that I want to go through so I can pitch them.  Do you have that problem?  Do you get all these catalogs that you’re never going to order from but then you save them because you “think” someday you might order something from them so you keep them, and then they just accumulate until you throw them away?  Never ordering anything and even if you did want to order something wouldn’t you do it online anyway?  Sheesh…if only I ran the world.

Here’s some more pictures I took when I was driving to Virginia last week.  Another place advertising Fall.

IMG_20140827_142511 IMG_20140827_142521

Well I’m going to sit by the pool and go through those magazines/catalogs.  One of them is about weekend trips.  Perhaps I will plan a weekend trip with my boyfriend and then pick out a new wardrobe from the other catalogs to pack for the trip. Maybe we could take the trip in a new car, that I will pick from the Land Rover catalog. I think this trip we should go North.  Just drive until we see yellow and red leaves and can sleep with the windows open.  I’m sure there’s some cabins to rent in the Smokey Mountains in one of those catalogs. This seems like a good use of my time.



One Thought on “Fall is in the air…sort of

  1. Nice comfy post, Lynny. What do I do with all those magazines? Well you’re writing to the ultimate “paper pile uh oh girl” …. I have piles for my piles. BUT for the catalogues? I keep only a few and I replace the new with the old and PITCH those old ones. That’s the secret. Magazines? I pick one up and figure – “oh my gosh I’m so glad i saw this” and read the article. But then, for all those other ones, I’d not even know what I was missing, so I’m starting to PITCH those too. Simplify. Simplify. Note to self. Simplify.

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