Check me out.  I’ve been reading the Amazon tutorial this morning (on what is supposed to be Lyming day) on how to put advertising with Amazon on my page.  There’s all these gadgets called widgets.  I don’t want to junk up my site cause really I just like to ramble but this is fun to see all this different stuff and experiment with all the buttons.  So you will all have to bear with me while I experiment.  Seems like if I tell you for instance, that I’m reading this book, The Boys in the Boat, and then you buy the book I guess I get credit.  But really i don’t want this big banner do I?  I just thought I would link the name, Boys in the Boat, but then I don’t get credit.  So maybe I’ll try this: 

I have all these links that I have to learn how to navigate cause it’s all this code and I don’t think I can put the code on the same page where I’m typing.  Anyway, It’s fun.  I’m playing and really I’m working, right?  Notice that I also have the Merrell sandals in “my favorites” in honor of Lyming Day. (and I’m a 7.5 but does it matter?) And I’d rather have these favorites on the bottom of the page.  Perhaps that’s a “job” for tomorrow, figuring out how to manipulate these widgets.

My boyfriend, who’ve I mentioned once or twice, is the best boyfriend ever.  We had date night last night and I was telling him how happy I am blah blah and mentioned I’d like to contribute financially, more blah blah, and he said we’re making it without me working so not to worry and just do what I want. So today I’m doing what I want…which is learning about this blogging and advertising stuff.  So can I sell enough products thru Amazon so we can buy a boat? Or just make my car legal?  I told Jordan (from PPU) that he should buy all of the Faculty Development requests through my site.  Speaking of Jordan, he told me that the Prague Writers Festival binder was thrown out.  Those of you close to me will know what that means.  Poor Channa.  My stomach actually aches for all involved; however he said he found the files on the “O” drive so they can rebuild something.  Well anyway, sometimes it’s nice to be involved in the PPU drama and it’s nice to think I still have some value, even if it is to say I don’t know where the binder is, but really what I’m doing now is what I want to keep doing.  So bear with me while I play with the advertising alternatives.

I love the Wish List “widget” although I don’t think I’m doing it right.  And I’m not sure how it works.  If I put in my wish list that I want a 55 inch TV and someone out there clicks on that link and buys themselves a 55 inch TV do I get credit?  Go ahead, someone try it.  Anyone? 

I guess if everyone buys the book I’m reading I’ll get credit for that so I’ll try to give a review. If all 6 of my followers buy it I think I’ll make .0003 cents.  The Boys in the Boat was suggested to me by Jerry.  She always has good suggestions. Maybe SHE should get the .0003 cents.  I’m going to pick it up from the library today.  I’m not buying it..  But YOU should. 🙂

And then I can choose to put a banner on my site of just random products.  I picked a banner today that advertises trading in your smart phone for Amazon credit.  I’m going to do that with the phone I hate so much that I currently have. It actually works ok as long as I’m in the house but as soon as I travel (like I did to Pittsburgh) it freezes up and freaks out, and then I freak out, and get all tense and yell at my boyfriend (well not “at” him but you know..)  Jimmy thinks I should get an iPhone, Zachary is a fan of the Samsung.  It’s on my to-do list….wait is it also on my wish list widget? think I put a Samsung Tablet on there.  I had to turn in the IPAD when I left PPU and my Kindle just stopped working (oh wait do I link Kindle now to that word?) but since I have no gadget I want a Samsung tablet when I make my first million with my blog advertising.  So then I can play my games (Words with Friends, Scramble, Matching) without the phone crashing saving my boyfriend from my phone crashing rants. My banner doesn’t seem to be working but I did get a “link”. Shop Amazon – Trade In Your Smartphone

So speaking of “making it” (you know monetarily) and my boys, here’s a weekend story from my visit.  We, the three of us, went to this restaurant in Shadyside, Mercurios, a nice pizza place, not horribly expensive, and so after dinner we all agreed that now that everyone (except me) is employed and able to contribute that we would all guess the amount of the check – the one closest does not have to pay – we added the caveat “closest without going over” – well we were all over and then somehow I ended up paying for the whole thing.  How does that work?  Dam kids.

I’m missing Lyming day.  I have dishes to do.  Fish to marinate and soup to eat all before dinner.  I need some serious cleaning time but I think that might be tomorrow. Before I sign off though, last night my boyfriend suggested that I write a “beard blog” in honor of his facial hair growth.  I’m not sure how photos will work with all this advertising so although I will not be writing a beard blog I will post a picture of his face.  I like it.  Both his face and his beard.  But no beard blog honey…sorry.





One Thought on “I’m such a sell-out

  1. Scott monahan on September 5, 2014 at 7:03 pm said:

    Beard? What beard?! I got your beard here…but no pic at present. Of course I look like robert e lee…Lynn, try a Budweiser widget…I’ll buy a case and you’ll get rich

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