And I’m ready for my weekend.  It was a short week but the weekend approaching always makes me excited.  Even though I’m not leaving the house everyday I’m still excited to have Phil home all weekend.  Saturdays I usually do absolutely nothing but lounge around with him, sometimes in the pool, or just sleeping late.  It’s nice.  Zenah just left with her aunt/godmother Leslie for the weekend.  Since Leslie came to pick her up I was a maniac cleaning all morning.  Meanwhile it looks pretty much the same as before I started.  I’m sure she can’t tell that I washed the area rugs in our bedroom, you know?  Or the fact that I dusted.. but there’s nothing like company or the threat of company coming over to get your house good and clean.  We need some motivation right?  I remember when my kids were little and my mother would come to stay I would kill myself cleaning.  Zachary told me once that I shouldn’t expect him to do that for me when he gets older. I think that’s why I’m never invited into his house.  I don’t think I actually clean for the people who visit, I just clean cause it needs done. Who’my kidding.  I wanted Leslie to like the house and be happy for Zenah.  She complimented on the hominess – said the house if nice.  I didn’t clean Zenah’s room but I did make her bed.  Okay here’s a question, do you mom’s make your kids beds everyday? I’ve been doing that.  Jorden’s bed is a little more work since I also have to get the dog hair off everyday but I just think it’s a nice thing for them to come home to.  I don’t clean in there – although I will clean Zenah’s room this weekend before she comes home and yes boys I did that for you too everytime you’d come home from your dad’s.  I’m 99% sure I would have your room cleaned waiting for you to come back.

Can you tell I’m still playing with the new buttons on this site?  I did not get to Lyming yesterday, I got caught up in the Amazon link madness. Today it’s been on the “voting” button. It’s too big isn’t it?  How do I get it smaller?   Most of the time I don’t get to do what I say I’m going to do. If I don’t start out first thing in my day on the “thing” whether it’s cleaning, lounging, blogging, then I have a hard time getting to it.  Something always comes up.  Yesterday instead of blogging I tried to teach myself how to build a website cause there are lots of things I want to do and I have NO idea what I’m doing.  I didn’t get very far and then it was dinner time.  So maybe now that the house is 1/2 clean, and I’m out of the mood to finish cleaning, and it’s Friday (which I think should be eat out night shouldn’t it?) maybe I’ll work on learning this website stuff a little more. I want to be able to put things on my page where I want them ya know? Where’s Camille when you need her?  Oh that’s right, Europe!!

And by the way dear, we need to buy more bathroom rugs – guess I shouldn’t have put them in the washer/dryer. Sorry…  🙂

I like these:

Have a nice weekend everybody,




One Thought on “The weekend is upon us…

  1. Debbie Monahan on September 6, 2014 at 8:25 am said:

    The vote button was fine for me……eyes aren’t what they used to be…lol. That was a fun thing and interesting to see the results. Your going to be a pro at this before you know it. Have a great week end. Dan’s birthday dinner today and all the kids are coming over so I better start preparing!!!

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