What a game eh?  I was seriously panicked as the Steelers were not being shown here in Tampa.  I don’t want to go to a sports bar as I like to watch the games alone.  I know, kinda weird.  But I really like to “watch” the game and if there are people around I get distracted and then I miss everything.  I like to hunker down, no distractions and watch.  Jimmy came to my rescue by allowing me to use something called a Sling Box. Sling Media Slingbox M1  I really do need to link this item because it is a Steeler’s fan dream.  However, an odd product cause John is actually the one that owns it in Pittsburgh and let’s Jimmy use it if he can’t get the game.  Jimmy could get the game since he’s in Columbus so he let me use it (thanks guys).  So you have to know someone in Pittsburgh (or your home city) who will let you use it cause it’s sort of a worthless product, unless you travel alot on the weekends during the games.  Anyway, I was sooo happy… and then so nervous as the Browns almost beat us.  Is this how the season is going to go?

There are no words for how much I missed Pittsburgh today watching that game.  I could tell it was a beautiful day there.  Sunshine, blue sky, I could “smell” the fall air.  I was almost in tears.  But then I ran an errand during half time and it felt a little fall-ish to me here too.  I can feel it.  Even though there’s no Steeler vibe there is still a vibe here so I hope I’m going to be okay.  It’s amazing how I’m taken back to years of high school football games.  Remember when the games were on Saturday’s behind the school and we would sit on the hill?  Remember walking into Sewickley after that?  There are so many memories coming back this fall.  I am out of my element.  And my element is Pittsburgh in the fall.

QV Saturday

on the hillside behind QV junior high for a Saturday football game with my sister and nephew – 30 years ago – and a Zachary “so big” walk after the game.

To compensate for my homesickness I practiced getting fresh air into the house.  I opened the screen door in our bedroom, which is where I sequestered myself for the game, so as not to be disturbed.  I ended up opening the patio door in our bedroom which does not have a screen, to practice getting air in the house.  I sprayed the heck out of the surrounding areas outside on the patio and the door frame with bug spray.  Then I also put down that roach powder everywhere I could see.  Of course that won’t keep the mosquitoes out but I don’t plan on keeping it open at night.  I attempted to open more windows around the house.  Some I was successful with, others not so much.  But for a little while I actually had windows open until the kids complained it was hot. I think they’re crazy but whatever. All kids are crazy.


Door is open – Sam can’t decide if it’s safe to walk thru.

Other weekend events included my very first fishing outing.  I was so excited.  We don’t have any real bait so I Googled it and seems like anything goes and really there’s alot of luck involved.  I took some very unique items.  Fruit jems, spinach, tomatoes, celery, cheese, dried mangos.  I was so hoping to be the genius with some unique bait but alas only the small fish were biting.  Phil found a dead fish on the shore and cut it up for bait.  You can imagine the stink and the flys.  Gawd.  But I was the trooper.  I could sit there all day and maybe I will start doing that.  Just sitting on the causeway with my pole and chair.  Although not sure what I would do if I caught one.  I don’t even know what we’re allowed to keep.  We had an old-timer on the pier when we were fishing talking about the opening of Snook season.  So would I know a Snook if I caught one?  What if I caught one and it wasn’t Snook season?  Do I get arrested?  But in any event I loved it.  Now I need a boat so we can go out in the boat (with sunscreen) and wait for the big one.


I remembered my hat, but not the sunscreen. I’ll get there.



Speaking of boats, I actually made $2.00 on Amazon from your clicks and purchases.  Can you believe it?  Well on my way to my boat purchase. Phil says I can now call myself a “paid” blogger.  I’ve been working all night (since the game) on seeing if I can update my page.  There are (no kidding) at least 14,000 themes to choose from.  So first I pick a theme and then I have to customize it and as some of you can tell by receiving my testing page I don’t know what I’m doing.  It’s very tedious.  I am such a work in progress, in so many ways.  I hope I live up to my $2.00 benefactors.  Keep the clicks coming!

My family probably hates me as I’ve ignored them all night playing, I mean working, with this.  I typically write these in the mornings/days but since I’m experimenting with new themes thought I’d get a jump on it.  Cause I think I’m going to switch to a different theme tomorrow.

Stay tuned..

Go Steelers!



4 Thoughts on “Here we go Steelers!

  1. Scott monahan on September 8, 2014 at 11:54 am said:

    Sister Kathy and I saw bits of the steelers going down…we were nervous. I am tired of being nervous over the steelers but I guess it’s in our blood so no matter how much I say I don’t care about it…I still do. Rats!

  2. Mary Ann Rondinelli on September 8, 2014 at 12:07 pm said:

    This weekend was great. It was a perfect sports weekend. Steelers won, Pirates won 3 and Pitt won. what more could a sports fan ask for.

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