Have you ever wondered what you’d be like if you were in high school today? Not like knowing what you know now, but given your same circumstances how you’d fit in with today’s high school kids? Kids today don’t seem like kids at all. The girls in particular seem years beyond their age. At least down here when I pick up Zenah that’s what I’m seeing. Grown-ups. So it got me to thinking, what would I be like if I was in high school today? Would I still be on the hippy side? Would I play sports? Sports was just not that big for girls back then. Band was such a big part of my life, and it was cool wasn’t it? Band today isn’t cool like it used to be. What would I do? The focus on college is different today than in my day. I mean either you went or you didn’t but it wasn’t a “given” like it is today. Hopefully I would finish college the first time around if I had to do it again. But we sure couldn’t afford it at today’s prices. I know one thing, given the same family circumstances, I would not be able to keep up with the clothes. The fashion back then didn’t seem to be such a focus as I recall. There weren’t even very many stores to choose from.  Or at least not in my world, i.e., the hip huggers, smoking in the bathroom, waiting for Howard to pick me up after school world. I wasn’t really paying attention to too much back then, other than my high school boyfriend. He came to our high school as a junior so he was already thru the dorky nose picking stage. Today it seems like the boys are a little more dorky longer (not my children granted). Maybe dorky is not the right word, maybe it’s immature. Today’s boys don’t seem as sophisticated as the girls; unless they’re in sports, then they look like 30 years olds. Just something to think about cause that’s what I do, think about stuff.


how young, and look at the hair!

Know what else? Daytime TV is horrible. I’ve been fighting with my blog theme design trying to get a “good” one and so I just turned the TV on to keep me company. I think it’s the first time I’ve had it on during the day since moving here. How weird is that even? And other than The Price is Right it’s just stoopid. Drew Carey looks unbelievably good though doesn’t he? I mean all that weight off. I just wish The Guiding Light was still on. I’ve tried to get hooked on another daytime drama but I just haven’t been able to. I think that’s probably a good thing. I watched Ellen. She’s still cute and funny. I guess her show is okay. I prefer her over Dr. Phil anyway. Apparently it’s the season opener. Fall is here isn’t it? Can’t wait for my night-time shows to start. Then I’ll really have something to blog about!!

Do I sound like a bored housewife or what? I’m scaring myself…where are those bon-bons?

I think the Gods were hearing my homesick prayers and so they have given me two completely grey, dreary day. Those days are very unusual here.   I remember how many grey days there are at home, in Pittsburgh. Really I don’t miss them. They, those Gods, have also been nice enough to cool it off a bit. This morning taking the girl to school it was almost refreshing. Refreshing is a bit of a stretch but we actually turned the air off in the car, and at the moment I have TWO windows open. (Sticker day!) One in the back (without a screen) and one in the front (with a screen), you know to get that cross breeze. The window thrill is very similar to the thrill you get in Pittsburgh after a cold winter and you can finally open the windows to get air in the house. Same thing, only it’s after a long hot summer. I still prefer the long hot summer over a long cold winter. I know that for sure. Phil pointed out that I have the windows open and the AC on, to which I responded, “what’s your point?” Then I looked around for my dad.


a Pittsburgh sky


except for the Palm tree

I am a bit of a workaholic. That term doesn’t apply to just working outside of the house. When I get onto something, especially on the computer, it is very hard to pull away. Like those stupid blog themes. I have been sitting for hours trying to get the right one, then getting frustrated and wanting to throw the computer into the pool (jk honey…jk)  I remember when I was working from home back in the day, Jimmy would come to my desk and beg me to just turn the computer off. I’d be like “just one more thing honey, just one more…” It’s a great attribute for employers, not so much for your family. I ended up apologizing to Jorden the other night as I promised to make cookies and then got stuck in PC blog theme hell. I finally dragged myself away to make the cookies and they were closing up going to bed. It’s bad.

To keep balanced, I’m imposing a Tuesday lyming afternoon. Although now it’s thundering, the breeze feels like heaven out there. I need to get away from the computer and read my book. I don’t have a product to advertise today and I realize that perhaps the Slingbox that I advertised yesterday was not being used as the company intends. However, they are missing a big marketing niche, in my opinion. I mean think of the college kids away from home wanting to watch the Steelers. If they market it that way don’t you think the sales would go through the roof? If only I ruled the world…

Tomorrow is volunteer orientation at Jorden’s school.  I’m very excited.  Stay tuned..

Until mañana…


5 Thoughts on “A bunch of nothin’…

  1. Lynny,
    Could you change the font of the blog? It’s a little hard to read. 🙂

  2. OMG – I think I did it. What do you think? Better?

  3. Mary Ann on September 9, 2014 at 7:52 pm said:

    Band was the best part of high school. We were the cool kids back then.

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