And what does September 11 mean to you? First of all it’s 108 days since I moved here. Broken down 108 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 9,331,200 seconds
  • 155,520 minutes
  • 2592 hours
  • 108 days
  • 15 weeks (rounded down)

Pretty meaningless statistics. But a fun fact nonetheless. I don’t know how many posts I have now. The old program would tell me, congratulations you’ve just posted your blah blah post. This one just says “done”.

Although this is not a holiday the day does give me pause and I do remember vividly hearing the news on September 11. I was parking in the lot downtown going into Federated Investors and was hearing it on the news.  At first I thought it was a prank as I was tuned into one of those stupid channels (maybe B94?), but something about Shelly Duffy’s voice as the second one hit made me slowly realize this was not a joke.  It is so hard to process news like that.  Do you ignore it and go to work because nothing in “your” world has changed? Which of course is what I did, went into work and tried to get on with my day.  That lasted about 3 minutes.  There was a slow murmur in the office while most people just concentrated on not thinking about it. Zachary had been at Penn State approximately 15 days. As speculation mounted as to how serious this attack was going to be I was worried that he was going to have to leave school if the country was under attack. I called to wake him up so he could be watching the news or at least aware of what was going on. I was definitely trying hard not to be nervous but then who would have thunk it in the first place?  He didn’t have a TV and maybe not even a radio. There were no smart phones back then. Luckily he woke up and was responsive to my news and promised he would try to stay on top of it and not sleep through whatever might be going on.

After Federated started talking about evacuating the building I reminded myself that I was a contractor and just left the building to go home. Remember they couldn’t decide whether Pittsburgh was under attack or not because of the proximity of Flight 93? Speculation was running rampant and I was ready for the worst; picking Jimmy up from school on the way home. I was judged quite a bit for my decision to do that, but my thinking at the time was we had no idea what was going on and there was no way I’m going to be all the way in Fair Oaks and him in Osborne and not be able to get to him. So we went home. I did what I thought was right at the time. Hey if we were going down, we were going down together. There’s nothing that panics me more than my kids not being able to get to me. Well, maybe not now but you know, back then Jimmy was what, 10?

Undoubtedly that incident has changed our lives drastically. At the airports, going to sports event, I mean kids get thrown out of school for terroristic threats now while in the past that same infraction would have either been overlooked or they would have just been sent home. I remember running through the old Pittsburgh airport to catch my plane back to Miami at the last possible second. Now if you change your flight plans at the last minute you get sent to “that” line. And remember when people used to greet you getting off the plane? That was nice (or embarrassing if you were being greeted by my brother and his wife.) I don’t want to wallow in the event but I do remember it, tearily.

Speaking of sports ( 🙂 ) it’s Steeler night and I am pumped! I have my two shrines set up. The one outside by the pool is my little corner where I have the duck Zach made me in wood shop and the Steeler tile Jimmy made me, and a pretty pot that my sister Kathy gave me. So I’m safe there as that’s always been there since we moved in. BUT, the terrible towel, in the living room (signed by none other than Rocky Blier himself, in person), well that wasn’t there on Sunday and I didn’t watch the game on the big TV. So I’m a little afraid to change it up. Should I stay in the back bedroom, no terrible towel displayed? Am I going to mess up the Steeler’s juju? I’ll have to play it by ear. If they start losing I will run back to my bedroom and sequester myself, no towel. So many decisions. So much riding on “my” shoulders for the game.


Sam looking out the front “open” window.


My corner near the pool

As far as Lyming day, I think it was a one time thing. I have been trying daily to get out there to no avail. Today was going to be the day, but between Evan calling, the pool pump Kreepy Krawley thing not working, working with PNC to reduce those service charges since I don’t have direct deposit anymore, and now it’s time to get the girl. I always think I’ll have time in the day but I never do. So you working women, don’t ever ask “what do you do all day” to someone like me because the day just goes. Of course maybe I should get up and stay up when I take Zenah to school at 7 am, but I’d be napping by 11…hmmm, well there’s an idea anyway. Naps are good.

Yesterday was a nice day. Me and Zener went to lunch after I picked her up from school. The weather was so nice, I wanted to do something outside. We sat in, (dam kids) but didn’t matter, we were just girls chatting away. It was very nice. Date night was also very nice. We took a picnic to the beach. Chipped ham on white bread and chips. Does it get any better than that? On the way to the beach the heavens opened up and it poured, and I mean poured. Philip got a couple of pictures.

storm brewing

scary storm overhead

heading towards the sunset

headed towards the sunset

We didn’t make it for the most beautiful sunset part but we got in our parking spot before dark. Then it started raining there too. So we sat in the car and ate our sandwiches, chatting away, then once it stopped we sat out on a deserted beach and watched the lightning in the distance, but not too distant.  Since we didn’t get electrocuted, it was like heaven. Hopefully this will be a date nite staple; although dinner out is nice too! Oh and bonus, we found a nonsmoking bar across the street with a pool table and dart board. I think we’ve found our hangout.

Both kids have tests today. I try not to care, but I do. Maybe we shouldn’t have gone out the night before Jorden has a test. He needs help studying and we know he didn’t crack a book without us here. Zener is ridiculously motivated so she wouldn’t even know if we were here or not. We left them food; no one ate. Dam kids.

Oh and as for the hair, there is no question that something needs done so I don’t need to post a poll or anything. It’s just Phil likes it long, and I don’t want to color it, ever again. I was hoping it would turn lighter in the sun, but it hasn’t. I think if I spent more time in the salt water it might but the chlorine is doing nothing. I’d love a Halle Berry hair cut but I probably wouldn’t look as good as her. Probably…so for now just a little off the ends maybe?. Next pay. Or next 1000 clicks. Maybe tomorrow will be advertising day. Keep clicking.

PS – I did apply for the job yesterday.





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  1. Astounding! I have read your posts from email but for some reason did not see this lovely layout until today. A MA ZING.
    This is beautiful, easy on the eye and the best part: great content.
    I also like the options you had for feedback and sharing.
    Thanks for your support over time,

    Go Steelahs!


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