It’s probably best that we don’t even talk about it.  It’s just as well I’m not going into an office in Pittsburgh today; although historically the depression usually only lasts the morning and then business as usual.  I will just add that the officially signed Rocky Bleier terrible towel has been taken down. Not that everyone shouldn’t still have one.  You may purchase one by clicking here:

See how I did that? (Until I get this figured out, after you click on a link  you will have to use the back button on your browser to get back to the blog… I will work on how to open the link in a separate page over the weekend)

Let’s just move onto the weather shall we?  Highs in the 60’s really?  There’s none of that down here, so I won’t be needing this..Winter Elegant Women’s Down Long Parka Thick Outwear Jacket Coat

But seriously, it is getting cooler at nights here – down to like the high 70’s so we do need to get this if we want to continue using the pool for a month or two more..Swim Time 16-Feet x 32-Feet Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In Ground Pools – Blue
I think it would be nicer to have the pool in the cooler weather. Yesterday Phil asked if I was “in” the pool and I told him it was too hot. Ya know? It’s more about the sun, when that sun is too hot I just don’t want to be baking in it.

I’m watching the newest hurricane that is currently going over southern Florida. I’m not sure what effect it’s going to have on us but we should definitely have one of these: Ready America 70385 Grab `N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack
I wonder if I should carry one of these when I travel cause I’m always freezing on the plane (they don’t have blankets anymore) or incase I get caught anywhere unprepared: Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)

Zenah and I followed through with our YMCA orientation last night. We go again tonight. Do you know they now tell you to do THREE reps of 10-12. Didn’t it used to be two reps? WTF?  Zenah has it all worked out, how fast we’ll go on the treadmill each time and the percentages of the incremental increases.  The downfalls of living with engineers, everything is in percentages. I’m not going to tell her yet that I’m old. Even the trainer last night was talking about how the machines are geared towards the “old” people, like I wasn’t standing there. So I decided he must think I’m not old, and well.. I’m just going with it. However, I need this bad: Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support, One Size, Black,Manufactured by: Yasco
and some ice. I admit the stretching on the machines felt good, and my knee didn’t hurt…until later.  Why?

So payday is coming and there are a few things on “my” list:
A real one of these: Yamaha DGX-650 88-Key Graded Hammer Action Digital Piano in Black with Padded Bench, JVC Full-Size Stereo Headphones, 88-Key Electronic Keyboard Dust Cover and Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Piano – Book + DVD
And we got the approval to paint so we need to get this:
Shur-Line 08500 One Coater Roller Set, 9-Piece
We need to get this, or a version of it so we can move the current one we use into the new guest room:
Grove Eastern King Size Bed
Elegant Comfort 4-Piece 1500 Thread Count Sheet Set, King, Beige
And then we just got a comforter that we like. I wonder if we’ll need a new one.


After we win the lottery or I get some income I’d like to get this or like a better version of this:
Strathwood 6-Piece All-Weather Furniture Set
These are kinda cool. Maybe I’ll get these.   I like those underneath stool thingies.

And then maybe we can replace this: SAM_0601
with this (or a version thereof):
Hanover ODLA-7PC-CU-GL Lavallette 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set
Although the family would love this: (as would I..I mean really I love this)
but then what do we do with this?


Well, maybe by the time we’re ready to get this:
some child will be moving into an apartment and want the old one (I’m not posting it again, this is fun but a little tedious)

Both Florida kids are doing well at school. Jorden is doing really well in comparison to last year, and really well in general. Like mostly A’s, so far. So that’s a relief and very encouraging. Zenah is doing well. She really has hard courses (or is it she has really hard courses?) She seems to be having fun though and talking more and more about friends. Maybe we’ll even try going to a home football game tonight. She says the band is good. Phil and I, both old-time band members, will be the judge of that.

My northern boys are doing well too. Zachary is hard at work finishing his degree at Point Park. He works hard. Wish I still had the ability to view his grades, not that I expect anything less than an A, still. Jimmy is really excelling at his job. I don’t want to jinx him though so let’s just say he’s doing well and he’s very happy. Also still pursuing the idea of visiting us here in Tampa and working out of the Tampa office while here. That way he doesn’t have to take any vacation time. So we need to get that guest room ready. I’m hoping after he does it once (visits and works) it’ll seem easy and then he can visit more often. Florida kids will love that as they’ll get more cookies; although there might be more fighting over them. Hmmm… Zachary won’t be able to come for who knows when. Between going to school and working every blessed weekend who knows. So I’ll just keep coming up there too. I hope I didn’t miss all of fall and it’s now winter up there. If that’s the case we really do need to finish that guest room as I plan on and hope to get many phone calls from friends wanting to thaw out.

Well I think that’s enough blabbing (and advertising) for the day. It’s a nice sunny day out there, not a whole lot planned. I did the upstairs bathroom just a couple of days ago so I’m thinking maybe I really will get to that book. This could be me today:

with a different bathing suit of course.

Have a good weekend..


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  1. scott monahan on September 12, 2014 at 12:58 pm said:

    I think your marketing skills are excellent. Go steelers….oh wait, I just gagged a hairball….

  2. Click and buy, todays motto

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