Blah. Blah blah blah blah..and then blah and more blah. That’s what it sounds like in my head. I’ve gone from being boring, never doing anything, to being boring always on the go. We went out to eat, we went shopping, I applied to jobs. It’s hot, it rains hard, it’s very hot.

However, there are moments recently when I do feel like pinching myself. I think it’s finally sinking in that I’m here. I’m feeling it. One day while watering the flowers I was like “wow, look where I am” (to myself of course). At dinner the other night with the kids playing hangman on the paper placemat (and me losing terribly) it felt like I’ve been here forever and that was sort of a pinch-me moment too. Those moments, sort of like “aha” moments, seem to be creeping in more and more. Not that I don’t still wonder if I’m going to end up moving back to Pittsburgh, or San Diego (after all it is beautiful in San Diego and not quite as hot), but the pinch-me moments seem to be becoming more frequent. And they’re good pinch-me moments. Like “get outta town…look at me” moments.

Other updates include we are painting. As typically happens the paint on the walls looks nothing like the paint chip we picked out. It’s not bad but not what we envisioned. I have  before pictures but we’re not done with the trim yet so I’m not sure if I should give an in progress picture or wait until it’s done. Hmmm…I shall decide in a moment.


a before and during picture. My camera does not show the level of detail/dirt that permeates these walls. Still the after photo to come will show the upgrade.


before…I shall wait for the big reveal

Zenah has been dragging my ass to the YMCA. We’ve had two orientations and tonight we get our full weight routine. We’ve been running on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Tonight we might increase to 25 minutes. It’s a start, and all I need.  I’m running at a 4.1 pace. She’s running at 5. I’m wearing a knee brace, an ankle brace and those Dr. Scholl’s shoe lifts. Dam kids.

Zenah wondered if I ever talked about Sam in my blog and sent me this picture to post. He’s a BIG dog.


Philip has taken the day off which is both very nice and sort of annoying. Annoying is not the right word because it is very nice, but he is certainly interrupting my flow. I’ve slept in much too late, got nothing accomplished this a.m. and now he wants to go shopping. Picking up Zenah at 2 and the YMCA at 4. We are also looking at pianos. We went yesterday afternoon, pretty far away and they weren’t home so they want us to come back tonight. But I don’t know, maybe we can wait until someone closer is selling one. We did have a delicious lunch yesterday at a place on the water, after the rain, and it wasn’t too hot! Love that.


Gotta run. Philip has a list. Tomorrow is volunteer day at the school (rescheduled from today due to vacation day, see what I’m saying?). Stay tuned.


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