Sticker Day*… I put on work clothes and went to an office. I volunteered at the middle school from 10-1. Next week I’ll go at 9:00 but today I didn’t want to show up when all the action happens, it’s too confusing. I think I have some new possible friends. I like the front office women, so far. They’re all my age-ish. Turns out I don’t really have to wear “work” clothes. My new bff, Joan, also a volunteer had on jean shorts, tank top and tennis shoes. So I guess I do not have to adhere to the no sleeveless rule. I mostly observed what everyone was doing today. I dropped a call on the telephone. Put them on hold and had no idea where they went or how to get them back. Oh well. See? And I’m one of those mom’s that blogs about the incompetence of those people. But hey!! I didn’t really have proper training on the freakin switchboard. Yes Di, me on a switchboard. I hate phones, and I’m unclear about voice mail. They must have it right? I mean who doesn’t have voice mail? But it’s going to be okay. There are students that come every period (so all day) and they are the ones that are supposed to check in guests at the front desk AND get the phones. It’s an actual class for them. They get graded so we let them (make them) do it. There’s one phone that if it rings no one is supposed to answer, we are just supposed to yell “WHITE PHONE, WHITE PHONE”. It doesn’t seem like I’ll have to deal with faculty. Just parents and staff. I think I can handle it for one half-day a week. I think… but you know how us crazy parents can be. I’ll be begging to work with faculty again.

The biggest news is we have an addition to the family. Meet Frances. (using an “e” is the proper female form of Francis/Frances) She came to live with us yesterday. We got her to not only give her a good home but to keep Fred company. I’m not sure if she’s a bit loose; as you can see she has her leg up in the air, permanently. Is it a mating call? Not sure. Floozy. I’ll talk to her about it later. Thanks for pushing us on the “mate” for Fred, Ja Nel. We think she is a grand addition.

SAM_0610 SAM_0611

Then on the way to “work” (haven’t said that for a while) I saw this in the neighbor’s yard and thought perhaps they got their own Ethel.


However, Ethel proved to be real. Sure looked fake, until she started crooning her neck. Strange birds here in paradise that’s for sure. Although we have our share of normal birds too. We have a couple of blue jays and I saw a red cardinal the other day. We had this really cool bird feeder that I carried all the way from Virginia from the last time I was home. It’s a bird house covered in birdseed so the birds can eat right off of the house. It was down on the ground and every last seed gone within 2 days. Dam squirrels. I don’t know why we try. It’s a nice thought to think we can feed birds but really we have only fed squirrels both here and in Beaver.

Guest room/music room/den painting is coming along nicely. It would take just a little bit of time to put the second coat on the trim but I think it’s going to wait for tomorrow. I have an appointment at 2:30 –and then tonight is Jorden’s open house, and I think I need a nap. Tomorrow is a better day to get the paint clothes on. It looks very very nice, even if the color is not what we expected. I’ll be sad when all the furniture (i.e. boxes) go back in there. Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Gotta go…until mañana


*Sticker Day – think baby calendars and how you put stickers on big item days, like first time they roll over, first steps, first words, etc.  Sticker day….


3 Thoughts on “Sticker Day and our new addition

  1. Frances is fabulousssss!!! And the “up leg” is just a sign that she is a girl!!! I’m in love with her already!!! My day is now complete!

  2. Ja Nelly on September 17, 2014 at 10:50 am said:

    Wait, and it deserves a sticker! 🙂

    • I am so glad you are happy. I can mark that off my list. I would like to get a couple of pelicans. Those are cute too..I’ll wait until I can get two though, just so I don’t give you any more stress

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