We have a new addition!! Meet the chair:



And because we bought this chair we got a Piano!! I don’t have good pictures of it but here are a couple of the keyboard:

20140914_093620 20140914_093627


We’re pretty happy. It looks good. Needs tuned but really that’s it. We hope. So Phil has to pick it up this weekend, rent a truck and hopefully recruit some neighbors to unload. The people we bought it from will help load. Please refer to yesterday’s post, which I will restate: I AM NOT A PIANO MOVER.

But apparently I am a cleaner. I have been cleaning up the new room all morning. You might think it’s easy but that’s because you didn’t see all the paint splatters on the wood floor. I Googled the solution and luckily came up with using rubbing alcohol, which I happen to have a plethora of. I also have mint rubbing alcohol so the room smells good too. So I vacuumed, then I dust mopped, then I scraped up paint, then I washed with the Shark thingy and I’m waiting for that to dry so I can dry mop again and pick up loose paint chips that the alcohol got up then I’m going to try polishing with my Shark cleaner.

All this on Lyming day. My boyfriend turns out to be a task master. I’m not sure what part of “I’m a prima donna” he doesn’t get. I must be in the wrong house because I’m pretty sure that’s what I was promised. If not promised it was at least implied. I’m not only living with strangers, I’m living with liars!!

Oh well, I shall adapt I suppose. Last night was a lovely date night. After finding our piano we went to the beach and ate at this Holiday Inn which was recommended to us. It is on the Intracoastal (Intercoastal?) and there were some nice looking big boats docked there. The place is nice, even though the food was mediocre at best. They are building a huge water slide and lazy river, there’s an 18 hole mini golf course in the hallway (big hallway), a couple of pools, a game room, not a great game room but we did play skee ball. So it could be a future weekend getaway. Especially once they complete the big water slide. Phil took a couple of pictures of me but they are less than flattering. Perhaps after another month at the YMCA we’ll try again.

Going this afternoon to the Y after I pick up the girl from school – then a couple of errands. Jorden is home sick from school today. I think he is a little sick but probably not enough to stay home. He is working on homework though so that’s good. He even had some of the orange Jello he asked for yesterday.

This is my list for the day:

  • Zenah card store
  • Michael’s – foam board
  • Pinellas School – assault rifles

Heard on the news last night that Pinellas Schools (that’s where we live) are buying up assault rifles from the government because they can get them for $50.  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY?  I think I’ll be placing a call and several emails. Assault rifles?  Are they going to take out kids coming to school late?

How about this vote in Scotland? That’s pretty interesting isn’t it? Mostly interesting because I’ve been watching Outlander on Starz. It takes place in Scotland. I’m pretty sure visiting there is on my bucket list.

It’s a beautiful day today.  There was a cold front that came thru and brought alot alot of rain yesterday.  Lots of flooding yesterday.  My car temp actually said 72 this morning.  I don’t think it’s been that cool since moving here.  Last night I actually had a chill.  It’s so exciting.  Of course all this rain that’s coming is NOT that exciting but I’m liking these lower temperatures.  Only 85 at the moment.  First day of Fall is forecasted to be high of 87.

This has to be it for the day because I need to finish my floor polishing before getting the girl and on with my day.

A couple of room pictures.  Guess this is the big reveal.  As big as it’s going to get. Maybe I’ll do better with the pictures later.

SAM_0614 SAM_0615

Until mañana,


3 Thoughts on “Meet the Chair

  1. Ja Nelly on September 18, 2014 at 12:47 pm said:

    I love the chair!! I can’t play the piano. 🙂

  2. We may need to find the chair a companion as well!

  3. Debbie Monahan on September 23, 2014 at 10:54 am said:

    Good job on the room. I am also a sloppy painter. I’ve been painting bedrooms in Conneaut and it’s a good thing we removed all the old flooring! It would have looked like a giant tie-dyed T-shirt! Love the idea for the piano. They are very heavy. I just watched 2 junk men roll and lift a small one that a neighbor trashed. It sure wasn’t easy.

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