You know that feeling you get when you lose something that you just saw a minute ago? I have spent the whole morning…practically the whole morning…looking for this index card with the name of a website on it. I put the index card ON my computer the other day so I knew exactly where it was and today I thought I had time to look at the site. So instead of spending my time looking at the site I have spent the entire morning looking for the card. I’ve gone through the garbage twice, I’ve gone through papers on my desk at least three times, another basket three times, my desk drawers, the floors, under my bed, my purse, and I’ve prayed to St. Anthony.

PLEASE St. Anthony something is lost and can’t be found, please St. Anthony look around.

St. Anthony has never let me down, except when the thing is lost for good. I know how important that card was to me so I can’t imagine throwing it away, but I think sometimes I am in such auto pilot and I do a swipe and things end up in the garbage that shouldn’t be there.  I am inundated with papers again.  Kids and schools tend to do that.  We’ve already discussed magazines.  I hope to become closely acquainted with the paper shredder this weekend.

Speaking of St. Anthony, I’m not Catholic; however, I do like a Catholic church. Sometimes you just have to hit-your-knees and a Catholic church is a good place to do that, for me. Other churches are typically locked during the day. Plus in the Catholic church (in my experience) nobody bugs you. You just go in. Between my Carlow Catholic theology education and taking Jimmy thru the Catholic system (is it called a system?) I do feel a little affinity towards the Catholic faith. I’m nothing like my hard-core Catholic friends and I don’t go up for communion. I believe you burn in hell for that don’t you? If you’re not Catholic? At least that’s what my dad used to say. So anyway, we have a lot of churches down here. There seems to be a church on almost every block but none are Catholic. We have a lot of those pop-up churches. I Googled Catholic churches and there is one a few miles away that I might try to find someday. But until then I’ll just have to wait to hit-the-knees, which is a good thing because I can’t kneel on that left one anyway. Hopefully St. Anthony is not holding that against me. Keep looking Tony!

Gotta take Zenah back to Leslie’s today after school. It’s a haul and it’s supposed to rain, hard. I hate driving in the rain. I think I hate it more than the snow. The hard rain down here ponds along the road. It’s just a mess and scary. I believe we are getting remnants of some hurricane that has been coming all along the southern states, like Arizona, Texas and back into the Gulf and it’s going to hit as soon as I’m on the road.  So anyway, I have that to look forward to. Jorden is still home. Says he’s throwing up and whatnot. Stomach flu sounding. OR he has a test.  Whatever the reason he’s upstairs sleeping. The Maze Runner movie is out this weekend. If he is miraculously cured at movie time we shall probably know for sure.

We started to put the new room together, okay Phil started putting the room together last night so our house is looking nice again. We (okay “he”) also moved some things around so it looks really nice. I started a little fall decorating this morning. I actually found my fall/Halloween decorations.  I got started but then distracted with that index card and then figured I’d blog just to distract myself even further. It’s such a nice gray soon to be rainy day. Would be great to sit on the couch in our nice clean house and look at that website. Stupid card.

SAM_0625 SAM_0617 SAM_0622SAM_0621

Have a nice weekend…



4 Thoughts on “St. Anthony are you listening?

  1. scott monahan on September 19, 2014 at 12:48 pm said:

    looking cozy! hope the piano shows up and no one drops it on his toe…

  2. Ja Nelly on September 19, 2014 at 1:06 pm said:

    I am seeing the Maze Runner this weekend! I read all three of the books and they were great!! NOT gonna tell you what the monsters are though…… 🙂

    BTW…what are you reading right now???

    • I read two of the Maze Runner books. I needed to take a break. Poor Thomas, I couldn’t take it anymore
      I’m reading Boys in the Boat. To clarify, I “want” to read Boys in the Boat. It’s beside my bed but I’m having trouble getting to it. So far it’s great!

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