Well if I thought I was busy before, I need to think again. All my shows are back on..the new Fall lineup. And with the Steelers playing Sunday well I’m already behind. GO STEELERS!!! And wasn’t that a great game? I took the terrible towels down and the boys donned their Steeler garb. Apparently this was the magical sequence to ensure victory.

Today I have to catch up on the Good Wife, and did Once Upon a Time start? And now there’s a new show that they are all waiting for me to watch, Scorpion, but I’m trying to write a little of this and finish last night’s Good Wife.  I’m actually almost a day behind on the Blog. I thought I’d catch up tomorrow but I have to “work” at the school and then Zenah and I are supposed to start our regular YMCA workout routine after school, then it’s time for dinner. I’m just behind.

The weekend was productive. We bought some new things for the house. Like palm tree pillows for the couch, new everyday silverware, and he brought the piano home. Do I have pictures of these items? Not yet. Why? Because if I go out there to take pictures, well I’m just not going to do it. It’s nice family time for them without me.  Everyone fights to sit next to their Papa. It’s better if I stay out of it.  I’m also trying to finish watching last night’s The Good Wife while writing this. All these dilemmas, it’s just overwhelming 🙂

I watched a documentary today called Girl Rising on Netflix which is about 6 or so young girls who just want to go to school.  And I’m worried about the new Fall TV shows. I should be embarrassed.

We also saw the movie The Maze Runner over the weekend. I liked it. Do you guys know about these chairs called DBox? They are chairs in the theater that you sit in and they move with the movie. Like a Disney exhibit. Well anyway, they had DBox seats for the movie. Jorden sat in one, we chose not to. I don’t know if I want to be moving around the whole movie. Maybe a short movie but 2 hours? I think I’d be throwing up.

The weather has been cooperating with raining all the time so we haven’t been torn between doing something outside or working inside. Lots of inside work going on.


Doesn’t everyone need an eyeball tree?

I’m settling in more and more. It feels like home more and more every day. I still call Pittsburgh home but now when I say it I think about it. Like it almost doesn’t sound right. Jimmy sent me a text the other day and said he would call me on his way home. I thought he meant Sewickley, he was referring to his apartment in Columbus. So look at that, we’re all getting settled.

Meanwhile Zenah continues to kick my butt at the YMCA. After our workout today she wanted to do abs so we did floor abs. She was talking something stupid like doing 100 every day. I’m like “you’re kidding, I’m old” , but then we did about 75 so I guess 100 is not out of the question. I’ve decided not to weigh myself (as usual) or measure, I’m just going to wait and see if I fit in a smaller pants size, then I’ll be bragging. Maybe even post more pics of myself.  But let’s not hatch any chickens…

I don’t think I have anything more to report today. Here.. buy something:

These are pretty cute – I might have to have these:

Until mañana



One Thought on “It’s starting..the new Fall lineup

  1. Debbie Monahan on September 23, 2014 at 10:57 am said:

    Shop,shop,shop! I love it! So happy I have a DVR. I would never get to watch my shows on a normal schedule. I used to VHS them and would have stacks of tapes to watch on the weekends! Enjoy the new TV season.

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